new features


recently I just added a search features to this blog.. with courtesy from, it allows you to search just anything in my blog or others that are registered in I tried Google's web search (of similiar features), but seems like not working.

it pretty simple..
first thing of course is that you have to get registered in technorati.
second thing is to copy and paste the searchlet code into your template or HTML code..
and do some minor editing to the searchlet code.

by default... you would get the following:

<input type="radio" checked="checked" name="from" value="BLOG BASE URL" />

Edit the BLOG BASE URL to your blog URL, in my case, it would be..
<input type="radio" checked="checked" name="from" value="" />

using this search features, it allow this blog to be our(me & the team) knowledge portal, simply because you can search from this blog, what we know about certain subject. if you trust our expertise, then you would be able to quickly resort to solutions without going into the world wide web. For instance, if you having problem with your broadband connection, then you can enter "broadband" to the search box and then select option "this blog" (which would limit your search to I.T sideways only) and then click on the search button. It will lead you to the blogs we have submitted and thus our hands-on knowledge on the subject.

Technorati is making use of google's Open API for such feeds' information. Using the google API, you can view listing of user's blog, create post, edit post, edit post and etc.

I have also added a counter.

In the future, there will be more graphics, videos and hopefully 3D illustration and interactive media of what I am trying to say.

happy blogging.


Unknown said…
I have been using technorati to my advantage too. Happy blogging.