the power of computing

I was impressed or rather suprised at the movement of computing around the globe today. I came to such conclusion after going through many online documents and articles in my research looking for insight for my following intention..

We could actually create a CMS (content management system) out of blogger itself. Using the Blogger's Atom API. We still need to have our own database to store information about the structure which would be used as the menu of the web site. Meaning, we just need to create a wrapper system that would invoke Atom API for create,edit,delete and etc. It would be a great system because we would be using Google's low-level coding for the content management.

As I was looking into XML-RPC techniques.. I was really shocked to learn that so many people are involved with I.T, there are just nameless people, all over the world.. all having the same intention, making it one day to the top, to be somebody like Bill Gates. All of us (including myself), are trying endlessly to prove our worth, that we are capable of something, we are looking for a place in this planet earth. So many systems created, some many coding been done and will be done.

And I respect you all..i am sure you are part of something at least, the blogsphere.


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