Private tutoring via the Internet

Based on article from the Sun, May 28-29

with USD20 per hour, you can afford your son or yourself, one to one private tutoring from science experts in India, via telecommunication means. It is around 50% cheaper than those provided by Sylvan and Kaplan.

So are arguing that the policy of No Child Left Behind(NCLB) is suffering from tremendous quality and culture issues.

Apparently, such private tutoring services is booming in the US where schoolers get extra lesson from private tutor

BrainFuse, teaches student using virtual tutoring software.
Career Launcher, an Indian setup is mainly focusing on India's market, the website didn't specify anything about online tutoring.

So I guess I am not really insane for my idea of online english class via the blogsphere.

What most important is that we need to figure out a fair way to play the game. Someone has to pay and the payment has to be justified. In Malaysian, majority of urban kids go for tuition classes, not because they expect their children to pick up more knowledges but they all went in for one vision: children get as high grades as possible. Thus, the challenge of private tutor is not really about given knowledges, it is about making sure that the apprentice score well in exams. They do so by means of focusing on past year exam questions and etc.

For our new venture, we must think of a fair way and some technological feat that can help student even better, such as having features which can store their past mistake which would act as reminder for them during examinations preparations and etc.

We must also make sure that teacher who don't teach well don't deserve much pay and student are allowed to switch teachers as they wished.

Critical success factor, like I said earlier, is the reason for anonymousity. Feeling stupid is a barrier to success because it compresses self-esteem. For the good sake of education, such as NCLB education program in US, everybody should be given fair chance for success. Thus, being anonymous will make this sort of program even more powerful than conventional teaching, which is polluted by biasness and etc.

There are like around 20k American student currently subscribed to service like BrainFuse and if each an everyone of them attend one class of one hour per week, that would be 20K x 20 = 400K of montly revenue.

if we setup one in Malaysia and get few marketing executives to go around the globe for promotion, it is still a pretty good margin. Malaysian is still better as online business headquarter compared to Singapore due to cost considerations. As for problem with reputation, we could quickly get MSC status and locate ourself to MSC village, which is usually more expensive than normal type.

1. what Internet opportunity for teachers?
2. why setup company in Malaysia than singapore?
3. can e-learning work?
4. what is online tutoring ?
5. Killer application of the Internet ?


Unknown said…
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