Quantum computing

in todays news, Microsoft's chairman expressed his regrets over using stock option for employee's compensation. Such act, according to him, is an expense to the company because when the stock gain in value, it means the company is making less "windfall" money. He was quoted as saying "I would say that there is as much overvaluation today as there is undervaluation". For those who received such rewards would have nothing to lose when it became undervalued simply because there is no cost of gaining it. Having stock option as compensation is analogous to having lifetime commission offered by certain industries such as the Telephony VOIP and Insurance industry where one time sales would ensure lifetime commission should the customer continue with payment. In such aspect, the revenue is hard to anticipate but yet positive because money is generated with absolutely no effort spent. Nevertheless, insurance commission is per 6 years basis for each policy transacted.

His statement also apparently sparked a possibility which would lead the technology corporate world to treat option as expenses than anything else.

Bill Gates defended their action as being adventurous than being lame-thinking by saying "We're definitely a lot more sophisticated about a lot of the things that we do". Which means that they had preferred to be more fun-oriented than safe-sex.

He also highlighted the future of Microsoft where one area of focus is on quantum computing; a new mode of information processing. Current computer practises are based on classic physics. According to this web site, quantum computing is the ability to mimic the law of quantum mechanics in term of information processing where qubit (unit of information) can exist not only in a state corresponding to the logical state 0 or 1 as in a classical bit, but also in states corresponding to a blend or superposition of these classical states. This means that based on formula, we can use back similiar set of qubits to represent another new set of information.

classic mechanic takes a ball as a ball and puts reality properties on it, such onBounce() or onTouch() and etc. Quantum mechanic takes a ball as consists of millions of atoms which would otherwise create properties for the object according to the law of quantum mechanic; the formulae.

In other words, the aim is to make information processing much more efficient than ever.

Such area is very much paralle in the direction of Artificial Intelligence reseach because ultimately we wanted to the ball to be able to bounce not because it was intended to but because it was meant to be. Nevertheless, A.I focuses more on thinking-ability of a computer system compared to Quantum computing which focuses on operation part. As in how long would it take to have two of such great research works combined to create Agent Smith? We are really anticipating that with great respect for the researchers.

That is why Microsoft is regretting the share option part because quantum mechanics is supposedly producing result much more accurate than classic mechanics.