SAP-Java coupling

Some statistic about job openings in the country for 27 May 2005 . Yeah, I counted with my fingers, too bad they(The Star) don't have web services for this kind of service.

A total of 584 odd(some position has more than one opening) openings from 176 companies, majority favors Engineering and finance. I.T related job is only 56 odd openings, which is equivalent to 1% of total openings for a period of 2 weeks, mainly in Klang Valley.

It is however, surprising to note that SAP is finally coupling with Java, meaning they are looking for people with Java skills most likely due to the fact that SAP implementations are ready to move into the next phrase, which is to have web interfaces towards their existing system. For instance, companies looking to implement CRM (customer relationship management) and supply chain management on top of their existing SAP R/3 infrastructure might probably looking at exposing web interfaces so that they can interact with customers better.

Why java ? to me it is for the strenght. Java is still stronger than PHP, PERL except for which has similar capability as Java does, after migrating from its conventioal ASP framework few years back.

So this is good news for those Java guy... finally you get a chance to work with SAP. How it work is that you need to make use of the BAPI which allows you to access SAP R/3 database from other development platform.

This is not surprising as many non-microsoft vendor have chosen Java as the programming language partner such as Oracle and now SAP. If people work hard enough, we might be expecting some CRM and supply chain companies to emerge from nowhere, providing on-demand Java SAP implementation.

Once they are done with their CRM and Supply Chain, the next thing they are looking into is probably CMS (content management system). With CMS, you would be able to grab information from all over the places such as the core SAP R/3 system, CRM & Supply chain subsystem and even intranet.

Of the 56 I.T jobs, most of them are requirement-intensive. For instance, ODBC's three openings required experiences with Teradata, database normalization, DataStage, Enterprise Datawarehousing and knowledge of Bank's risk. Now this is obvious that no matter how smart you are, these job are reserved for those working in the banking industry.

There are some for I.T executives and some software engineering post for telecommunication industries.

Probably if you are of generic talent type, you might want to try business related role.
Time - BDE for International Business.
TO perform project management of new business collaborations for new revenue potential in wholesale market. Revenue management initiatives of existing products & partners. Cost management. Optimization of current infrastructure and partners. Raise active business participation at regional level.

Well, this job is similar to what I had been doing over the last whole year. You will be involved with airtime and bandwidth trading. If you would like to know more, check out my C.V for details.

Axon is also having a good opening for some I.T guy out there. They have this position called functional SAP where what you need to have is :
1. 3 years project implementation or support experience in SD, MM, FiCO, HR,CRM, SC, BW,PP, S&A.
2. Minim 2 implementation life cycle experiences. means you are part of the developer for 2 implemtations.
3. Confidence in team leading on projects.
This is good because you could have implemented such modules in different languages such as Java, VB, C++ and etc. Now you have chance to be part of the SAP team. This used to be our dream, but now it is like a bit too late. Please bear this in mind, to command a salary of RM10k, you need to wait for another 2-3 years in the same role and by that time, more and more people with SAP skill would have been added to the I.T society. Currently I believe they can offer you around RM 3K++, not a bad pay after all. Just consider carefully.

Or you can choose to go with a MNC in corporate training; Marcus Evans which preached about the concept of "Majority of CEO are from Sales", except for Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and etc. oh right, even Steve Ballmer is from Sales, and our favourite Donald Trump also from Sales. So if any of you wanted to be CEO, perhaps hey you might want to live your dreams.

Good luck guys.

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4. what options do I have in I.T?
5. how can I get involve with SAP?
6. I know Java, what are my options?
7. how to be CEO?


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