A smart thing to do

I thought I just had an idea how to make my blog even more popular.

Go around technorati, search for related topic of blogs which I had written and start making link on it. For instance, I wrote a couple of blogs about "Broadband". I will first search for other blogs about "broadband" and then start making link to my blog. I am sure this will increase more hits in a shorter time.

The fun thing is, as you are searching for blogs with an intended content focus such as "broadband", nevertheless as you read the contents, you realize that it is more biased towards other subject which you had also mentioned before.. Then you go on putting relevant links to them too. It is like searching for 'match made in heaven", you would find that someone actually had the same idea as you in this world and confirm that you are not insane actually for having such thoughts.

Imagine yourself being hired by a millionaire who happens to have a personal blog and wanted to make out to the world. You would probably considering this strategy.

The best part is ... you will never be out of job!, coz there are just unlimited blogs around, and they are growing and growing...

1. How to make my blog popular?
2. How to increase counter?
3. How to increase traffic ?
4. Am i the only one who is writing about something?
5. How to be heard in the Internet?


Brandon Teoh said…
Another way of deliberately driving traffic a.k.a marketing champaign is to utilize on current hot topic.. for instance the Star Wars... Darth Vader and etc..

So we could deliberately talk about HDTV and then go about making links all over...