technology replacing technology

the title is the one taken directly from the newspaper.. "When outsource loses human element"

for a second I thought it meant, outsourcing is mean because it states the following:
"The notion of outsourcing work to India conjures up stories of American and European software programmers being reduced to stocking supermarket shelves to a make a living."

This statement whether true or not, is due to the fact that Indian willing to do intense high-skill work for a lower pay than anyone else. Just last week, we talk about just how American government tried to cushion the effect of cheaper outsourced pants from China. Now why is nobody doing anything about this ?

According to the article, the biggest workforce for outsource job are involved in software development and call center. In spite of that, there are already some ambitious people wanted to once again change history on the face of earth by creating automation for software development and call center; it is about technology replacing technology.

Tata Consultancy, a research center in the western city of Pune is researching A.I programs that is capable to wonderous feats for automation. Mastercraft, a software which could automatically spawns computer code from a simple programming language, and then automatically rewrites the code when the user's needs a change.

well, such claim is rather ambitious, I hope. Probably the end product of Mastercraft would come with a lot of contraints and restrictions. According to IBM, for such reality such is still far.

The grand challenge is still out there, and no one can confidently predict when—or if—AI research will yield a complete answer. AI has made considerable progress in emulating some higher-level functions of the human intellect—puzzle-solving, chess, and so on—but we still cannot begin to match the common sense of a five-year-old child or the sensory-motor capabilities of a housefly.

Nevertheless, the practice of A.I has put numerous applications to become reality:
1. Rule based expert systems
2. speech and hand-writing recognitions.
3. Search engine for natural language.
4. Aids for machine translation.
5. Friendlier user-interfaces.

IBM Journal of A.I

"when outsource loses human element" tries to mean that it is because of the philosophy of outsourcing which causes human (the master mind) to continuously seek out adventurous cost-saving yet innovative techniques to help with task at hand. In the future, it will be at the expense of human war with machine.

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