Total Solutions

Dynacraft Industries Sdn Bhd has invested RM3.5 mil in information technology this year to improve its global competitiveness in manufacturing. The first stage comprising of core model of supply chain management, will be completed in one year time with 240 users. The solution is actually Oracle E-Business suite 11i, a solution which includes modules like financial, distribution, discrete manufacturing and advanced supply chain planning. Probably the opted this over SAP implementation. However, we can see the trend is going into an area where companies are looking for a total solution concept where they could buy a core engine like this and then engage on phrase development. This is a result of market maturity where IT knowledge among non-professional gets better each day which makes them realized that system integration would determine the success of an IT system.

This is bad news for small time System Integrator and IT system vendor which focuses on on-demand and impromptu development.

I truly believe that there is a market for organization profiling – organization data model exploration, where any companies before investing heavily on any total solutions, would look forward to get-to-know-itself better for a few years at least before deciding on a major turn-key implementations that would change their life.

Such kick-off implementation is good for new start-up with intention of getting a feel of what is I.T implementation about and also learn to appreciate I.T as a business tools. Nevertheless, kick-off implementation cannot be from a bias party (from a total solution company) because at the end of the day, customer (company implementing IT system) is going to decide who are the best user based on the data model which is generated from the kick-off system.