Traveling with ICT

Thus today at this date where Star's Bizweek featuring “Fuel Blues – Fuel prices are rising. How can Malaysia's AirAsia keep costs down while maintaining its pricing power? CEO of Tong Fernades says the options are aplenty”
May 6 information.
KLCI =901.22 (-2.84)
STI = 2161.22 (+13.12)
HSI = 14,033.96 (-27.74)
Nikkei 225 = 11,192.17(+190.06)
Seoul comp. Index = 904.85 (+11.50)
Telekom or TM is priced at 10.20 (+0.10)

I like to propose something to the world that involves ICT.. Probably somebody is already doing it but it is good niche to look into.

Many people even life myself haven't been really traveling around the world not even Malaysia. We have no time and money, well at least not yet for me. It is really possible for so many of us to fulfill our dreams of traveling around the world, with assumptions that we have the health criteria and etc. Many actually don't unless we are engaged with a MnC or we are really part of the minority 3% of financial independence people in the world. The MLM people dream about being financial independence, how many will succeed or can afford to maintain such status-quo ? I guess there is not many. The MLM environment is always hopeful, meaning there is a always hope that one would make it, no deny about that but as if this lifetime that has no guaranteed. Some people like my parents get to travel few times for a lifetime of saving and hard-work at retirement age, I have to wait for my turn.

So probably I could travel to some places too in the future, but can I really travel around the world ? Going north pole, south pole, north America or even Nepal. What worst is that some even don't have the right health condition to go with the dreams.

If we could, using computer technologies, to allow people to see (in as much reality as possible), the places they intended to visit and feel at a charge, then we have a business.

We can sell it online, there is no need to know who is our customer and they can see what they want to see and go through video conferencing from live agents traveling on their behalf to designated locations in the world. Ok, let's talk about Malaysia first, imagine that Maxis is going to be successful in creating a reality where one can be connected to the Internet almost anywhere,anytime and anybody. Couple with good technologies, we can transmit live video from one location into the Internet and thus it can be viewed from a single customer or many customers. Customers get to instruct the agent (traveling on behalf) to perform impromptu actions such as visiting a coffee shops to taste certain food and etc. The agents need to feedback on how they feel about the food or show facial reaction. Agents will communicate with customer via real time text messages so that its identify is hidden.

This is a type of product or service which will helps many people living below dreams to have a more fulfilling life. Your dreams can be saved finally, there is no need to have the emptyness feeling inside, no more. Visiting around the world when there isn't enough time, money and possibilities.

Serve all, love all!