what you are paid for..

at the recent article on information overload

Bill Gates warns that there is just simply too much information for anyone to cope with. He followed by saying..

"It's overwhelming," Gates said Thursday at the software company's ninth annual CEO Summit. "Nobody's paid to do search or just find information. At the end of the day you're paid for designing a new product, having a satisfied customer and doing that with the minimum amount of time, the minimum amount of people."

It means that you need to be doing things fast and make people happy, but in order to do that you would need to parse through a lot of information. That is kind of like a trap to you, a lot of information yet no time to read them. So you need to be a robot actually.

and he continues with next generation office tools.. Office 12, which would somehow help you with such problems, particularly with information searching. For instance, you can use it to help you with research at nite while you were sleeping, and present to you with new findings in the next morning. This is like the concept of data warehousing too, where cubes are build at nite, when activities are low.

However,experts feel that for such reality to be crystalized, I.T literacy is more inportant than software development. Simply put, you would still need to know how to use the technologies available to make things work for yourself. Probably this would give a boost to e-learning and etc.

1.why is e-learning important?
2. what is the future of e-learning?
3. what is the future of MS Office ?
4. how is the future of Internet ?
5. why is information searching important ?
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