Car tracking system

A new car immobilizer system. Using GPS, SMS and GIS system.

What I like best about it is its claimed of using satellite for real-time GIS imaging of Malaysia's map. Malaysia has no restriction on such satellite intrusion as compared to China. They will do real-time imaging every 6 months to look for changes in the GIS. This is great because it will make my Godseye project even more feasible.

The technology are coming from U.K and using USA based satellite. The sales representative claimed that it has been selling well in Mexico and The Philippines as well.
Malaysia recorded car theft of over 7k cases year. Each installation cost around RM 3K. The market capitalization has potential of 21 Million.

Nevertheless, the Sales Rep have a good idea of selling it. Which is to sell as a sort of Asset Management technology for companies dealing with logistic, distributions and sales. Simply put, it is capable of working as vehicle tracing tools and also it can be used for taxi hunting. It can immobilize the vehicle but just one SMS. And it comes with journal report of installed vehicle which is useful for mileage analysis and etc. Bosses would like to know a lot of what is happening to their sales man and company own vehicles, by just investing some money.

He told me we need to make a connection with the customer : “What if the vehicle is stolen ?”
We are not sure how strong the signal is going to be, to be able to transmit to the Satellite directly, is it harmful for the passenger? It is something like Satellite phone.

But what I am really excited about it is that if they USA satellite company is providing whole sale for its GIS imaging service, then we can have a lot of fun.

1. how real is a GIS system?
2. it vehicle tracking system available now?
3. what is the most advance technique for GIS imaging?
4. what resources are available for GPS service?
5. what are the solutions to traffic jam in Malaysia?


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Millennium Plus operates using an innovative hybrid of technologies, including GPS satellites and patented microburst cell technology. Each time you communicate with the transceiver in the vehicle, there is a two way flow of information.

* When accessing Millennium Plus via the Internet using any standard browser, you send out a signal. That signal then travels to the cell phone tower nearest your current location.

* Microburst technology operates on existing cellular networks to send and receive data packets, tapping into unused channels on the back side of standard cell frequencies.

* The GPS satellites then locate and communicate with the Millennium Plus transceiver on board your vehicle, which exchanges information on location and speed, as well as executing any commands you've sent.

* The cell towers then relay the signal back to you via the exact means by which it was sent.

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i m looking 4 a system which allow me to watch the latest traffic update b4 i move out from home and to skip traffic jam.

is such system existed?
real-time traffic update from satelite view...
Brandon Teoh said…
I think it is pretty tricky... should everyone has access to that kind of information, then it would make no different.

It is the same reason why parking information system doesn't work, because the moment everybody is eyeing for a vacant spot, then competition kills each other.

I think traffic regulation still has to be centralized.