SAP Problems


  • Poor SAP Enterprise Portal performance
  • Transaction performance - SQL Trace Tool (ST05)
  • SAP configurations scalability
  • Your business requirements
  • Query response time in SAP BW


  • Design SAP security - Reverse Business Engineering (RBE) tool
  • Structural authorizations
  • HR authorizations in R/3
  • Portal-based single sign-on (SSO) to SAP and non-SAP systems and applications
  • Complexities of migrating to a role-based security model
  • Handling of authentications for Java applications with login modules and login stacks
  • Learn new SAP security strategies and best practices for long term Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Change Management:

  • Process change requests
  • SAP Support Packages, SP stacks, single corrections, and ongoing maintenance
  • Flow of transports throughout your landscape
  • New SAP job scheduling capabilities
  • Monitor and manage Java applications SAP solution landscape - CCMS and SAP BW
  • SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI)

SAP Solution Manager:

  • Decentralized system and business process monitoring
  • Navigate business and IT changes
  • Complex testing processes
  • Java performance and availability problems
  • Upgrade and manage your mySAP ERP environment

Data Management Challenges:

  • Advanced archiving prototyping, testing, and production scheduling techniques
  • Growing volumes of transactional and master data
  • Inaccuracies in disparate data sources


  • Database-related performance problems
  • Data archiving
  • Managing Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and DB/2 databases in an SAP environment
  • Configure SQL Server for SAP applications
  • Storage options to manage SAP data and documents
  • Long-running transactions that hinder performance
  • Database reorganizations in your SAP/Oracle environment advanced data archiving and data management techniques for SAP administrators


  • Execute R/3 technical upgrades

SAP Web Application Server:

  • Transition of current Basis environment to SAP Web Application Server
  • Impact of SAP NetWeaver on your administration environment
  • Deploy SAP NetWeaver components during upgrade
  • Foster executive support
  • Company’s Optimal migration path to SAP Web Application Server
  • ABAP and Java sides of SAP Web Application Server
1. What problems to be expected post-SAP inplementation?
2. What to look for in SAP maintenance ?
3. Why do we need to sign SAP maintenance contract?