the financial wave is here

hey guys..

haven't you guys notice that the banking industry is going mad these days. Over here in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, any vacant shop houses on a busy street would guarantee something; that surely some bank is going to take over to start one branch.

they all seems to have similar passion, vision and idea. The ground floor would be nicely furnished with designer's concept. Each partition will be seated with financial consultants... giving you personal financial advises.

referring to my earlier blog topic bank the taiko, I did analyze that there reason they are in explosive mode now is because of the credit facilities given. ok, I am not expert in this, just my two cents. These days, you don't need to have enough money to buy whatever you want. You merely need to prove that you have a good chance of financing it. For instance, mortgage loan is selling like hotcakes. People just don't care about the interest and etc.. what they wanted is to live up to expectation - to have a own house. On top of that you would have insurance for mortgage loan, where your mortgage would be covered should anything happen to you. All this is based on the power of interest. anyway, just my two cents.

what i am trying to say is that people are willing to spend on financial services now, which is essentially interest charges. and the idea is getting people crazy as well, many people have opted to become financial planner.

David Lim supported the fact:
1. Malaysia's financial industry has topped RM168 billion in 2004.
2. The average income has increased per household.
--> Can this be accurate?
3. The average income of an independent financial advisor earns $9,950 per month according to NAMLIFA report year 2005
4. 76% Malaysian surveyed, indicated that they need some form of financial advice in various aspects of financial planning and personal financial monitoring.
--> would this really help?
5. Demand exceeds supply, by 1 out of 2,280!
--> Must be due to credit services.
6. No.1 Career in USA and Australia.

hey guys, this is kind of like those dot-com days isn't it ? But I think it is good that this would actually draw people's focus towards career choices and bring back balance to the I.T industry, giving more and better opportunity for those who are still in the business.

thanks for visiting my tech blog :)

1. what is the outlook of I.T industry?
2. what is the latest industrial trend in Malaysia?
3. why is financial services in such great demand?


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