Hewlett-Packard to cut jobs

Alamak, Hewlett-Parkard to axe 14,500 jobs by 2007.

This is 10% of the total work force.

Those involved would be of support activities which is HR, Finance and I.T (Information Technology)

So, I.T is support only. would those working in Shell IT Malaysia suffer the same fate too? Maybe not because Shell IT malaysia is a well-cost division since it provides worldwide support. It is a money making division in fact.

Only those R&D and Sales people will be retained. Sales job are not often axed because probably the basic pay is much lower. Sales job are also more manageable and measurable in terms of sales revenue.

What does the labour law say about all these ?

Other big companies cutting jobs:

1. Fuji Xeroz
2. Digex Inc
3. Knight Ridder
4. IBM
5. Silicon Graphics Inc

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1. USD 1.9 Billion is a lot of money to Hewlett-Packard
2. Job cut news didn't affect the stock market very much becoz it is seen as a good strategy by investor after they recently suffered publicity problems when ex-CEO resigned.


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