HITB SecConf2005

hey guys...

there will be a hacking conference & training events happening in Malaysia by Sept 2005. This is jointly organized by a volunteer group hack in the box together with MCMC.

they have got some wonderful topics lining up the event's itinerary, such as VOIPreaking - making free phone calls and many mores.

Those involved in VOIP and IDD business should be encouraged to attend, as well as web hoster and web solution people.

A great place for those business development manager to develop your contacts as well.

Check out the event's main page.

Thanks for visit this tech blog :)

Information originated from Selamber


Anonymous said…
Hi,.. thanks for the plug,.. well actually HITB should be thanking :p any way you can see their past conference video here http://video.hackinthebox.org/
Brandon Teoh said…
yeah.... why are we helping them to advertise ? Alamak, not fair lar.

what to do.. we want to be blogger.
Anonymous said…
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