the implications of rising petrol prices

The actual title for this blog should be "The difference between Cost-Saving and Not-Paying". Nevertheless, I chosed the title above to encourage searchability from the search engine :)

Alamak, the Malaysian government rise the price of petrol again, 10 cents up. They put the blame on fuel subsidy burden where with the latest inflation, approximately 1 billion ringgit can be saved from the federal budget.

Is 1 billion really that much? This is like a forced-spending hidden-agenda splashed to the people of Malaysia. Based on the fact that Bank Negara recent findings highlighted that Malaysian are more cash-rich today than before, be it the reason which people should be encouraged to spend more money to boost the GDP.

I strongly few that they did give it a thorough consideration. Part of it is related to the recent AP issues and the survival of proton; national car maker of Malaysia. So, is proton vehicle really that sort of petrol-efficient? Can anyone comment on this?

The world is also predicting another economy meltdown by year 2007 (a 10 year per cycle model). We assume that such wave is coming, Malaysian GDP will be really bad as well because nobody is going to buy anything, especially Proton Vehicle. We might as well keep the old one for good. So, now is a good time for inflation because the market looks good. With the ringgit peg removed and blue sky all over the places, I have seen recreational parks doubled pack with people. Probably they are more relaxed now.
2006 is predicted to be the best year for Malaysia economy, anything is acceptable before 2007. We are expected to see more inflation coming along the way. I feel that property prices for good places such as those close to LRT would enjoy a significant appreciation. New properties might also take this opportunity to hike its price before 2007.

Anyway, I am not expert on this, just my two cents.

Back to IT (Information Technology), we need to save more money now. We need to force those sales appointment and business conversation to migrate to the Internet platform. Everybody should have broadband access, those without should be disqualified from business. Malaysian must be committed to help each other in cost saving and at least I am happy to tell you that IT has the way. We will wait for those entrepreneurs out there to impress you with their applications.

By the way, don't you guys think that Broadband is the cheapest thing on earth ? The next buzz world for ICT in Malaysia is not "outsourcing", it is "Cost-Saving". Aiya, sounds kind of scary. Pls don't simply use it because your customer might counter-offer with "not-paying"

thanks for reading my blog :) I will read yours too.

1. Is this the right time for promoting ICT via the cost-saving phenomenon?
2. Should we protest when government hike the ICT infra cost? (This might not be possible)
3. Shouldn't the usage of IM(Instant Messenger) officially considered as the main business channel communications?
4. The time is now for second soft dot-com activities ?


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