petrol prices might go up ?

I am not speculating.. just assuming that there is a high possibility petrol prices might go up again in the future, perhaps by next year to RM2 per liter. So what would happen to you guys huh ?

I will definitely drive lesser and refuel a smaller volume each time visiting the petrol station. I used to go for full tank everytime visited the petrol station. Now, I usually just do like RM10 or RM20. stingy right ?

Same thing happens to mobile phone reload card, I would just top-up RM10 recently.

I used to think that such act is quite naive because you are going to spend it anyway.. why give trouble to the retailers (besides they also earn lesser) and your ownself (for visiting the retailer more frequently)

But actually the practical side is control. I actually spend less money on mobile phone airtime and petrol fuel now. It works, and since the place where I live has so many petrol stations and mobile phone retailers around, it is not a big deal to visit them more frequently ever. They might just be bored to see you again and again and again.

1. People will ditch "petrol drinker" car for "petrol anti-absorber" type like Proton, Perodua, Toyota VIOS and Honda City.
2. Bicycle sales will go up.
3. Real estates located at major area will go up as well. (because people will shift from surburb to the city and rely on bicycle to go to work)
4. Toll prices might come down ?
5. Internet usage will go up.
6. Lesser traffic congestion in Cheras, Puchong and Subang-USJ ?

And that is what I would like to talk about now.

The government is proposing to roll-out broadband service for as low as RM45 monthly flat rate fees. This is a good thing for everyone. Not so much that they actually plan out the whole thing already, but because current broadband penetration in Malaysia is around 1%. That is why we are seeing more medium size broadband provider coming up. one of them is CNX. and by the way, what happened to Jaring My015, working fine ?

I am hoping that more GIS application will surface to complement the need to travel less. Think about it, if we can visit KLCC without going there physically... for instance your girlfriend told you that she is visiting KLCC, but you can't go and yet still want to be with her. if there is this system where you can track someone from shops to shops (yeah probably using RFID) and see if she is cheating on you..

it is not just matter of installing CCTV and stream it live to the Internet.. it has to be interactive and 3D. The system must be adaptive so that for instance, renovation to the area would be easily rendered and etc. We don't want to be building a system which has so many restrictions that any chances to the real-life scenario would make it hell for the programmer.

Think about it, there are two ways of going about it.
1. We can build it from scratch and completely with objects. Something like you build the shops as objects, chairs as objects and etc. So that everything are clickable. (Object technology lar.) Something like those in the RPG game lar..u know ?
2. There is also this satellite technology which can perform a scan on the surface and render the scenario digitally. They are already doing it for road map GIS, and to me it is just fantastic. The algorithms are really powerful as well. U just figure it out.

Further applications will be fantastic, if you ever got the engine done in a good way. Of course you can also leverage on existing game engine.

So, any one of you budding entrepenueur might want to do this and help the world out.

thanks for visiting my tech blog :)


Anonymous said…
I think that starting a e-commerce website is better. Coz people could shop from their petrol goes up.....and tol prices don't come down.....after 20 years agreement (if govt doesn't extend it) then the tol will be gone...but is 10% increase every year until then.........I am interested ...but no product....
Brandon Teoh said…
we need more than e-commerce and video streaming. It has to be something like virtual reality.. but no need so high tech also..

don't know lar.. just idea.
Sir sc said…
interesting, i`m for sure it will shoot up within this few months..look at nymex crude today, US$59 per barrel, who want to take the loss?no the side affect of it is us.
how do we stand this kind of pressure?
part of yours is right..sure more to add on..
Brandon Teoh said…
well, at the mean time if your salary or commission doesn't increase. Just have to spend less.

Go to picnic instead of shopping malls.

wait for some virtual virtual thingy to come up.

I am hoping one day that we can have virtual tourism. coz at this rate of earning money, I don't think I can travel the world in this lifetime.
Anonymous said…
virtual tourism....good ones...but I think we have it already...the travel channel or Picture from other peoples when they travel.