Real-Time Entertainment

I always feel that the best entertainment on earth would be the ability for anyone to view anything. Ok, let’s put aside pornography or something related, we can assume that people like to see what is hard to be seen. For instance, you might just want to visit any country at any time without traveling there. I did mention before that what we can have is to organize a team of people acting as virtual tour guide and located at different locations. They will be equipped with VCR as well as video streaming capability to the Internet. What they would do is to wait for customer request and start shooting real time video. For instance, a Malaysian customer might request:

1.New York
2.From 7th Avenue goto W 31st Street.
3.From W 31st Street goto W 30th Street.
4. Head for north-west and stop at Trump Tower.

Then the virtual tour guide will follow the instruction and move along, by returning real time video. The customer will watch it and pay.

Such would only be possible if there is a GIS system installed with New York database. But we are not too far already, because Google is on its way to do the same thing even though their intention is mainly focusing on “comprehensive-search.”

Ok, some of you might already know, there is this program developed by Google which is called Google Earth. And in case you haven’t try it out, it pretty much provide a Proof-of-concept that what I just said is possible.

Basically, how this system work is that Google obtain still images with very high resolution from some satellite company. Then, based on these images, they add layer to the images for object such as buildings and roads. They even make the building 3D.
However, it is not a fully GIS yet, because those 3D objects are not yet clickable.

You can zoom in.

as well as turning it around vertically.

Currently, Google has made it to created object for other some countries, thus if you look at Malaysia and Singapore, you probably would be seeing some images with not too deep resolutions(means it is not ready yet). Try USA, especially New York.

The RFID Simulation:
Now, imagine we can totally do that, would it be amazing where anyone with Internet connection can visit anywhere without having to endure sitting in the plane for many hours, the culture shock and weather changes.

I would think it is a great product.

Nevertheless, if we are talking about entertainment, I would feel that the best would be having this so called real-world simulation. Bear in mind, what I mentioned just now is based on assumption that only static objects are taken into consideration. So, is it possible to simulate human walking on the street? Well, it will probably take many years to built such project.

However, RFID would help to solve the problem. If everyone has a RFID, coupled with a good GIS system, we can virtually have a huge entertainment system where the actors are real people. We need to have RFID receivers all around the places, and as soon as someone with RFID tag installed to his body, it will interact with the based station and report back to the server of its location. This is similar to mobile phone’s cell technology, except that time round, it is possible to be cheaper because we can leverage on the Internet.

As much as it is fun, the availability of such system is also a security risk to people. It is okay that you might not want to expose your real name, but knowing where my house is, someone would be able to tell that Mr. Nickname is actually me right?

The Game:
Thus, perhaps the best entertainment is we maintain the GIS and use game as a mean of putting human simulation to it. We could have, like the previous idea, a GIS system that is interfaced to a game environment. Anyone can logging to it and start doing all sorts of activities as human being. For instance, someone can act as a woman and go shopping here and there and etc. The best part is that someone and many people will be watching.

what you think?

Go on and try out Google Earth, teaching Geography will never going to be the same again.

Thanks for visiting my tech blog :)


KarmaCake said…
I like where you're going.
An acquaintance of mine, and former Miss Universe Canada 2004 co-delegate, is now Miss Universe.

I would pay money to experience to see what I didn't win the opportunity to do.

Hey does that make sense?

I dig your method.

PS - Thanks for visiting my blog. I think I'll be stopping by yours a bit more often for more techie enlightenment!
Brandon Teoh said…
It makes a lot of sense as long as you don't get hurt.

Many tennis professional came from working as volunteer for events such as Wimbledon and etc. However, tht is like opportunity-investing. What you mentioned is deeper.. It is a matter of mindset.

Coming back to my blog (which is more on the practical side), I think we can call this technology-to-be as "God's Eye" because it really open up the world to you. Seeing is great, experiencing is fantastic.

let's not forget that there are many people out there with no opportunity in life at all - those lives below poverty level. This would be really a gift for them.

For them, seeing would be already enough.
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