Redtone the winner

My father used to object me working for a telephony card company which I worked for during the whole of last year. He wanted me to work for MnC.

Recently Redtone has been busy doing public relation. Fresh from the news where its M.D is being charged for some wrongdoing (Do you understand what the is happening there?), which would have some impact on its public image. They(Redtone) counter-offered the public with strategies in dealing with market saturation, with a big poster of their M.D of course. And I feel that they got want they wanted.

The champagne is successful, my father just told me this “Why don’t you get a job with Redtone?” I mean, I don’t blame my father, he is an outsider, he is having no idea about the telephony cost saving and IDD business. He is just a public entity who makes decision based on market sentiment. With reaction like this, I can pretty sure that he is not alone, millions of Newspaper readers would at least share the same notion; that Redtone is indeed a good company and double-bonus; they have a M.D who can kick off those stupid lawsuit and plan ahead. (The lawsuit is forgotten already)

Redtone Business Model:
To use their own systems and technology to provide discounted calls in Malaysia. They address the needs of the corporate, SME (small and medium enterprise), consumer and foreign worker markets. It has seen very good success.

Redtone Four Strategies to Deal with Market Saturation:
1. Duplicate existing successful business model to another country. Pakistan and China.
2. Broadband phone with assigned 015 numbers.
--> I thought Jaring is supposed to be using the 015 number?
3. Roaming calls
4. Mobile Money.

Redtone's Mesdaq counter is trading at average of above RM2 and the lawsuit didn’t affect much. They are proud of it and is very determine to protect the value.

We can learn something from Redtone in fact, that having own technology is essential for survival. Well at least, having control of the technology which you would like to use is essential for surviving. Let me emphasize on this by taking a simple model; the Web Site.

Many web sites are not utilized properly because the owner has to rely on third party to make those changes, unless we are talking about sites with content management capability. For this type of web sites, the biggest let down is not due to heavy charges from the consultant, but the ability of automation. You can see this from many government web sites where there is just no update at all for a long period. I strongly feel that it is not due to heavy charges imposed by third party consultant, rather it is due to the process of getting the job done. Most of the time, no one in the company is responsible for it. If the boss has to call up the consultant to make changes every single day, whenever he or she has a better idea to present information, this would be really harmful for both ends. This is a problem with time allocation. For big companies, web sites would be managed by in house team, because they have budget for it. As for smaller companies, this remains an issue as in to choose between investing in CMS or just having ad-hoc service contract. According to Redtone, having CMS or even developing the CMS for oneself is the best solution, because you actually have more control(the ability to set datelines for plans and strategies) and the ROI would be higher. Besides that, having own system also means that one would have in depth knowledge of particular industry, in terms of technical and business processes.

So come on the rest of you guys. Exticom, Viztel, MySat(V8), UnitedTelcom(Smart), Level-One Communications,Centennial,P2PTel and etc... why don't you just spice up your PR and get those counter rolling.

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1. how bad would PR hurt your company?
2. how real is PR to your company?
3. Why is Redtone more well known than others?
4. Did Redtone contribute to public awareness of the industry?


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