Wi-Fi on the air

Syiok had a blog about "Wi-Fi on the air"

It mentioned that surfing on air will not be free. Now why is it? Why don’t the airlines discourage people from surfing on the Internet? Because probably surfing on board might give rise to potential harm to the passenger. Laptop usage can potentially surf up to neck problems.

Secondly, I think it is probably very expensive for airlines to bear all cost. Connection is probably enabled through satellite and should airlines push for the idea of free Wi-Fi, they must virtually reserve the bandwidth for as many passenger seats as it may. Means if there are 1000 seats, it will need to assume that 1000 people might need the bandwidth.

So, over here is probably on-demand basis. If you refer syiok, you need to create an access point for it (not sure what it is), and this could be the signal send to Connexion for bandwidth request. So there is a way for on-demand bandwidth.

Now, why not the airlines sponsor these on-demand bandwidth?
Well, maybe they just want to have higher profit margin. And probably this would allow Connexion to earn more because it is dealing with customer directly, there is no need to provide big discount. If airlines were to pay for these bandwidth, they would probably ask for a long-term discount from Connexion as part of the deal. Thus, it is actually WIN WIN for both.

What you guys think?

Just my evaluation.

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