Yahoo-MyWeb is great

Check out Yahoo new FREE tools - My Web. For book marking your favourite web site.
What you needed is to install the new Yahoo toolbar..

When you encounter the desirable site, click on the button and then login to Yahoo account.

Then provide a comment for the site to be saved. Notice the "Store a copy of this page". It is actually like caching(off-line version), means that it is stored as-is during that particular time. or means that an copy of the HTML file will be stored to the hard disk, which may be outdated later. Those seach engine does this for their indexing.

Then finally save it.

Why it is cool ?
Well, probably not so cool now. During those Windows 98 days, how many times your PC got formatted over and over again ? The problem with formatting is that each time your favourite web sites would be deleted as well because the person responsible to help you with the formatting forgot to backup them from the c:/windows/favourites/

So, normally what I did is to keep favourite web site listing in a list and store it in my Yahoo mail. Try to hack it and see.

anyway, now with MyWeb it will be just great.


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ok dokie... I will check it out.

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