you are hired lar

hey guys, what would you do if you are hired to be salesman for the following company ?

The Mobile Business Builder

Basically, what they are doing is that they are expert in SMS system. Where they have the front-end which communicates with a SMS gateway and backend which communicates with database. So they are selling this like Mobile CRM, Mobile Logistic, Mobile Sales and etc.

These systems are actually very useful because there is no need for paperwork overhead. For instance, the sales people of the client would key in the order directly to the mobile devices and send it directly to the gateway and then backend system. So, there is no need for them to bring back the purchase order to the data entry department or something like that.

the challenge is how you get new lead ?

1. Small company / New company ?
--> I would think you need to have a business channel. The business channel is important for them to accept you with open-mind as you walk in for presentation. In this case, maybe you can talk about paperless system or automation. They must have the impression that it will be something which help them to save money.
2. Medium Size company ?
--> These types of company would usually have their own I.T department and would have fair knowledge of I.T systems. Then in this case maybe can talk about efficiency. And probably can propose to help them do some system reengineering because they would be likely facing with bad IS workflow. For instance, they are having problems with data integration between their UBS accounting system and Peoplesoft payroll system, probably you can proposed a system reengineering plus implementation of the mobile module. They are also interested in case study and ROI.
3. Big corporate like Shell?
--> These types of company have large I.S team and would have multiple suppliers. They have the money and the resources, but no time perhaps. To deal with them, probably your business channel would be expertise/consultancy. Maybe the IT manager don't know much about SMS gateway.. you probably need to do some simulation and prove that your solution is a turn-key thingy because they needed it fast and no frills.

another question.. let say you don't know the IT manager for Shell International (they probably have a lot of managers), what you should do ?
hmm... good question.

1. If you ask your friend working in Shell, some might kedekut to give you the name, some won't. Even if you have the name, the risk is that if you call them up and they say not interested, then habis lar. So, calling is not the right way for first contact, have to go meet them. One thing big corporate has a policy which if you require to meet a manager, they have to make time to meet you. So you probably have 5 minutes to get he or she excited. Therefore, you have to leave them with some material like CDs or etc.
During this time, they might tell you their needs. For instance, they might say "oh, we actually looking to implement RFID and etc.." If this is so, maybe you need to use another channel; look for a strategic partner dealing with RFID and try to leverage by combining two solutions.

2. Or you can wait for luck to come, when they actually have some public functions like AGM or some conferences and then you can go meet up the managers, then you can start talking for a long time.

3. Setup conferences and invite those IT managers to come.

4. Make the company web site famous, by having a lot of case study and testimonial. Make sure the I.T Managers see it.

5. Participate in roadshow and exhibitions.

6. Build up your referral contacts.

unless the management already have best practices, which you can just follow otherwise.

what u guys think huh ?

thanks for visiting my tech blog :)


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