dark side of the corporate world

There are some people trying to convince the Malaysian government to censor the Internet and they based their reasons on availability of sexual material.

It is not doubtful to conclude that sexual material is bad for the society especially for the underages, besides being physically not ready for it, underages would usually have more time to explore new things and thus are exposed to greater dangers of sexual aggressions.

Frankly speaking, adult like me, even though have the access to sexual material in the Internet, the likelihood of being infatuated by it is lower simply because of the following reasons:
1. I have not enough time.
2. Making money is more important to me than anything.
3. I understand the economical consequences of falling prey to sexual misbehaviour.

But with all due respect, I still feel that the Internet cannot be censored due the following reasons:
1. Internet is the last place on earth which promises real confessions and unfiltered informations. The fact that most of Malaysia popular newspaper are government controlled, where do we find our break ?
2. Censoring the Internet is corruption because it is biased then.
3. Censoring the Internet is not democracy but dictatoring.

Surprising, the United States of America (USA) despite being known as fighter of human rights and protector of democracy allows it corporation to impose sanctions employees' blogging activities.

Even though this issue is not at the tip of the iceberg yet, but it is fast gaining momentum. Based on current scenario, we can conclude that:
1. The USA corporate world is corrupted one.
2. Corporate image is a very fragile thing. The bigger the corporation, the easier it can break.
3. Messages came from corporate web sites are not 100% honest.

I want revengeDark side force is so powerful that some considered unatural

1. why Internet cannot be censored?
2. how honest can corporation be ?
3. can you trust the newspaper or blogs?


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