Got fired and what is next

I am not sure this would work.

There is this web site SimplyFired which allows people to post their stories of being fired from work or some unsatisfactory's treatment by employer, partly to vent anger and then to calm down, also to win some kind of competitions.

Maybe Donald Trump is part of it because of the word "You are Fired".

Of course, SimplyFired is also providing head-hunting & job placement services, which I felt that it is quite a smart way for them to attract people, without advertising. (I am also helping them to do advertising now)

Would it work for serious company like "Jobstreet", "JobsDB", "Kellly Services" and etc? would they feel a threat and wanted also to bring in the sense of transparency to its corporate image? by having similar "posting-services" for its database of users. I think not..

However, many(conventional head-hunter companies) reckons that having a web site which is similar to JobStreet would help them with a lot of problems. But they have no budget for it and many actually been thinking of doing DIY. So probably they should attend "how to make ecommerce website" for a start.

Contents faciliated by Syiok's blog

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