how to build ecommerce web site - seminar

For those of you guys out there wanted to learn about building eCommerce web site, or integrating eCommerce facilities to your web site. You may be interested to attend the following seminar.

Instant I.T - Anyone can do it

I looked at the contents and thereafter, having contacted the person in charge - Mr. Melvin Wong, I was enlightened with the following facts.

By paying just RM399, participants would get the first hand knowledge on:
1. How to make connection to e-payment facilities such as credit card and maybank2u.
2. How to setup a shopping cart on top of your existing web site or new one.
3. Build newsletter.
4. Users registration.
5. Banner & advertisement services.

The Secret:
As most you technical guys out there, you would have guessed that there must be some kind of engine involved. This engine, according to Mr. Melvin wong, is quite similar to a CMS (content management system) but yet it is customized for eCommerce. What they would do is to pass you a CD on the software(engine) for just RM399 and then perform demonstration on how to use it for your web site.

P/S: This is just an 8 hours seminar which focuses on knowledge exchange, you are not expected to build the web site on the spot. Thus, this would be most suited for the following target audience.

1. Existing web site developers who have no exposure to eCommerce.
2. Budding web site developers who wanted to learn more about eCommerce.
3. Layman - Someone totally new to web site who wanted to learn about the in and out of web site building.

Organized by one of Malaysia's pioneer in Internet technology mobile services - Just Mobile.

My Recommedation:
Personally I am interested to attend as well, because for this 8 hours, you get to ask a lot of questions about web site, eCommerce and even SEO to the trainers and expect to get a lot of industrial advice from them. This would be better than trying to read numerous book on similar topic. On the average, one book would cost you around RM150.00

Besides that, by paying just RM399, you get to know the trainers and chances are high where you can continuously email them in the future to get "Free Consultation".


Anonymous said…
I think OSCommerce is a very good software for E-commerce Php Script and it is free.

But I think it can only link to Paypal.

You can try at
There is quite a few ecommerce scripts(Free) but I love the OSCommerce that I have tried.

Mambo have some addon scripts for shopping cart too.

Just install and you are on your way to sell (after you promote your website).
Brandon Teoh said…
ok... thanks.

will try that later.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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