how to know what would happen to computing world

recently i started a new job doing marketing for a software research house at Malaysia's very own Silikon Valley, it is called Lemboh Silikon.

One of my job is to create marketing and business strategies, although my CEO will override my proposal, I get to propose anyway.

I am not going to tell you our product this time.. but during my brainstorming session, I was evaluating what is the best way for me and others to judge my strategies for accuracies ?

As the thoughts are being pondered, I came to realized that the right way is to get second opinion. Means that instead of thinking what is right for us, I should check out what the market leaders would say about future happenings and it would be appropriate for me to try to adapt in. I mean, I got to be realistic, that I am nobody, and whatever things I said doesn't really matter. Just trying to be heard.

So, I guess I am pretty smart on this. Take a look at what the following people are working on:
1. Jamas Gosling (Creator of Java) - Currently working on a software project called Jackpot; semantic computing model. Basically, semantic modeling is trying to restructure everyhing into nodes; mother and child sort of relationship. Where there cannot be an exact clone of something in the system, it has to be a new breed with different attributes or refered back to the one already existed. In a way, the objectives is to try to create a closed-ended system.
2. Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) - He is actually focusing on podcasting and lifestyle of iPod. But actually he is not exposing the future plans.
--> Check out my previous post about podcasting.
3. Bill Gates (Microsoft) - The last time I blogged him was about quantum computing, where you are trying to mimic quantum dynamics into computer science. Recently, he is actually focusing on Compu-taintment. Basically, they are trying to bring more contents from TV to PC.

So, I guess MiTV is moving at the right direction, but what happen to them now?