How to make money as blogger

I have been thinking and exploring.. I know there are professional bloggers out there, but what if we can really collect some money from our blog, since so much effort been done on it.

Either we like it or not, tech blogger like me is helping companies with free advertisements. So far, I have been writting evaluations about the following companies:
1. Maxis, Celcom, Digi
2. Redtone
3. IBM, Microsoft, SUN.
5. Blinklist
6. Google, Yahoo, MSN.
7. Many more.

It is without doubt that having contents related to such companies also helps to raise its popularity. For instance, using Yahoo, if you search for "hotlink active 5", you would be landed with a result from IT-Sideways at the fifth spot. So yeah, I actually have some real traffics coming from nowhere due to my contents. This also bring about the issue of whether writting quality content is more important than famous content.

And to make money from these companies, firstly we need to investigate the cyber law. One thing is very important, we need to investigate the legality of write-up on others behalf. If it is legal, then we need to find out to what extend we can write about them which makes us not liable for any legal proceedings. I think Cyberlaw is regulated by MCMC.

If all goes well, then we can make money from them.
1. We can deliberately write something which is not accurate. Those companies' PR might have to login to pay in order to provide for comments.
2. There must always be a free comment part, thus what we can do is that whoever wants to claim as PR of that company, they would have to login first. Non-login's comment would be condoned as unprofessional.

For instance, we can write that "Hotlink Active 5" allows for 3 favourite numbers to be registered. Then Maxis PR would come in and correct it "Hotlink Active 5" allows for 5 favourtie number.

I am sure this would stir up a lot of issues. Why don't we try, maybe we can land on front page of newspaper?


Anonymous said…
Hi,.. just my two cents,..

If we take money from them we will lose our freedom. What I'm trying to say is that if a company, for example Microsoft is paying, then you cannot blog negative remarks about their product that we had experince in using and doesn't quite like it.

about "what extend we can write about them which makes us not liable for any legal proceedings" well I think as long as we don't publish trade secret it's ok. Can we be sue for our oppinions?
Brandon Teoh said…
hi.. yeah agree with you.

The biggest problem is that the blog will lose its reader because it would become like a marketing champagne for companies (much more like newspaper & magazines)

Malaysia law is not strong with human rights issues. Thus, changes are that opinions also is considered sensitive. Have to check with those MDC people.
Felex Tan said…
A good content leads to good blog,a good blog leads to high traffics and you will get high rank say in Alexa and google search.You have a good content at your blog and loyalty readers.Great blog!
Brandon Teoh said…
thanks for comment.