MiTV Malaysia new pay television operator

yahoo.... MiTV finally decided to show its debut by having a launching with a dinner function on September 5 2005 with PM, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. After that, they will offically offer it to the public on September 6 2005.

It is such a great pleasure to wait after a long period where people can finally enjoy cheaper cable TV services since Astro many years ago. Subcriptions will be much cheaper compared to Astro one because the technologies employed will be cheaper. According to the Edge, theirs is using a partly self-developed Internet protocol over ultra high frequency (IP-O-UHF), an amalgamation of Internet Protocol (IP) standards and digital broadcast standards. Essentially, MiTV will be broadcasting digital signals over the air using ground-based transmission towers.

Okay, so it is cheaper technology than Astro because the latter shoot directly from the space, whereas MiTV has localized transmission station all over the region. In term of economical sense, they don't have to cater for any market segment when there is no demand for it, thus saving overal cost. Meaning that, if there is high demand in Bangsar area, then only they will install on base station at the vicinity. Compared to Astro's technology, the cost of the service was meant to serve the whole nation - so to speak.

Basically, subscribers will be given and IP-based set-top box and UHF antenna because the signal will be encoded in Internet protocol standards even though it is not going through the copper wire. (Quite confusing right)... anyhow, it is quite a smart move for them because they did consider the fact that evetually, everybody will be enjoying entertainment through the IP-based internet directly to their PC instead of TV. Thus, what they are having is merely to conquer the market before such phenomenon is realized. Smart strategy.

They also recommeded that subscribers must have existing broadband connection in case their base station is not functioning, you can still use the Internet for watching contents (I am just guessing).. but the main reason is that you need to use the Internet for interaction with the program, such as paying subscription fees (which would be via prepaid basis) and selections of contents or packages. Another Win-win situation for the telcos..

Biggest Revenue
Of course the biggest revenue will go to MiTV where they actually looking at securing 100K customer based by the end of one financial year. Yahoo, this gives the content developers ample time to produce better contents and also my bet is that there will be a lot of revenues for IT contractor looking to develop applications for the IP-based Set-top box. Let's assume that the IP-based set-top box will be JVM enabled, many developers will get to earn a good money for each service. What they needed is a compiler which can produce Java Bytecode.

Potential applications are:
1. We assume that installation will not be costing more than RM 2K (average cost of a PC) because there are many people in Malaysia might not be able to afford a PC yet (Malaysia RM2K per capital is around 14% currently), thus they might be looking at using the IP-based set-top box as alternative to PC. Therefore, if this is true, they will need applications like web browser, fax software and even telephony software for use on the box.
2. Contents management software and etc.
3. Firewall & security software.
4. Educational software to leverage on the contents.

While the prepaid card seller might be able to enjoy new merchandiszing, software developers will wait for such excitement to happen.


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