Search engine optimization status

I have been trying on SEO for 3 months now.. Just to give you some sharing on what I have found out.

Google just did a crawl today and it seems to have great effects. The Meta tags did help a lot.

This proves that to be searched via a unique key such as “IT-Sideways”, you need to make use of the Meta Tag.

However, to search with Google using “tech blog”, I am not even in the top 400.

Yahoo and MSN still haven’t perform its crawl since last week. Here is what they have cached on for IT-Sideways


However, surprisingly IT-Sideways was listed as around no.32nd for the category “tech blog”


IT-Sideways was listed as no. 199th for the category "tech blog"

1. Must make the first contact, by having incoming links of your URL from others.
--> I have created around 200 incoming links via blog’s comment.
2. Categorization using Meta Tag. For instance, if you want to be categorized as “tech blog”, then the Meta Tag must contain that term.
--> You can download my Meta Tag from the source code. (I followed many from
3. Use pageRank to move up the ladder.
--> Google, MSN & Yahoo seems to behave differently for this aspect.

Let’s not also forget that I have submitted my entry to the following aggregators services.
1. Technorati
2. Feedburner
3. Project Petaling Street.

These three services could have inadvertently helped to propagate my URL ( amongst the crawlers. But I can’t give you a yes and no answer, just maybe.
The following blog provides alphabetical listings of directory for your incoming links submission.

Go try out..

thanks for reading this tech blog :) (if you keep repeating the word tech blog over here, it probably wouldn't help)


Anonymous said…
You are doing pretty good yourself at MSN. More post and link exchange will bring you to higher position.
Anonymous said…
interesting. by the way, not many actually search for "tech blog"
Brandon Teoh said…
LcF: normally how people search find your blog ?

I am just trying to figure out how to put keywords to good use for this blog.

nobody would search for "it-sideways" anyway.
Anonymous said…
Go to

Type the keyword and you will be able to see how many search on the topic a day.
Anonymous said…
I'm ranked 43 in msn for tech news and first for tech news online in MSN. In Google, well that's a little different...
Somehow Google just won't put me in a high rank.
In Yahoo . i'm not in the top 50.

But, listen, what you are doing at the bottom of your site is bad SEO, believe me, you are getting banned unless you remove that..
Anonymous said…
Being listed in Google is very important, and being listed highly in Google can bring great benefit to your site.
Anonymous said…
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