SEO Status Report 2

SEO is fun and time consuming :)

On the 4th August 05, Google demoted me from No.1 to No. 12 for the search-term "IT-Sideways". I am not sure why, but take a look at the screen shot.

And if you would notice, it could be due to its algorithm.

Reverse-Psychology Google’s Algorithm:
Google’s algorithm is trying to understand why you are searching for and return the best result based on what it feels is the most accurate.

As you can see, according to Google, “it-sideways” is should means “it sideways” and it should be best matched as [verb] + “it sideways”. i.e “do” + “it sideways”

That is why those with this pattern got listed first.

Thus, my next plan is to edit the Meta Tag so that it bears things like:
1. "Do it sideways"
2. "Bite it sideways"
3. "hold it sideways"
4. "kill it sideways"

But before I could do that, searching for "IT-Sideways" landed me on top-spot again.

MSN: Gone up ladder. Now No.29 for "tech blog"

Yahoo: Gone up ladder, now no. 132 for "tech blog"

We can’t have the exact answer, but I like to thank those who added link to my URL such as:

1. Syiok’s Blog
2. Tan Family & Associates. – Took me into MSN.
3. Who else ? please let me know.

One thing I noticed. By constantly adding comments to the famous would contribute as well because LcF has this thing called the “Recent comments”. Thus, whenever crawler did to the site (LcF site), definitely my URL would be noticed because it is on the main page. But hey, this is not illegal and unethical right ? This is just a revelation. It is only unethical when I make nonsense comment where as long as I read the blog’s contents and make comments out of it, I would be fine.

One of the reason IT-Sideways is listed well in Yahoo is due to its on going real search traffic coming from nowhere, means that people actually search for something and ended up to IT-Sideways. Take a look at the report from site-meter.

If you notice, most of it coming from Yahoo and the keywords are:
1. mc orange institute Malaysia
2. dtours.exe
3. VOIP in Malaysia
4. Marcus evans sucks
5. SAP solution manager
6. TM Touch
7. SimplyFired – Thanks to Syiok’s blog
8. customer complain on GIANT supermarket shah alam
9. benefits of streamyx to telecommunication businesses in Malaysia
10. wimax in Malaysia

Ok. Today is not a bad SEO day for me. Thanks guy.


Anonymous said…
Hmmm,.. a lot of refferrals come from Yahoo. Does that mean there are more people using yahoo as search engine? Or may be beacuse of the result return by google. Me personally uses google to do my searching. ;)
Brandon Teoh said…
I think it is because Yahoo caches more or my pages compared to Google.

It is accumulation effect I guess. Search engine algorithms must have coupled with history check sort of feature where the more people click to your site, the more priority.

even myself still Google would be the best answer to anything, when others fail. If I can't get anything from Google, that is it. We will search not from the Internet.

Alta Vista and Excite are also based on Google, Yahoo and MSN.
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