small enterprise business model

with rising petrol cost and everything, life is getting tougher indefinitely. Some people opted for side business such as MLM, insurance and etc.

I have always been wondering if it is possible for everybody to own a business, then where do we find clients?

This world has 3% rich people and the only reason they are rich is because they make money from 97% of people in this world. Now that is really cheap isn't it? but they are smart to realize that before you.

Thus I have this idea for the rest of 97%, where you basically need a sort of automation content management system. It basically leverages on the advertising industry, where there are three components:

1. Advertiser - upload contents (clip, picture, messages) and pay for it.
2. end-user - look at the contents and earn credits (credits are used for services)
3. service provider - Provide services such as VOIP, contents, games and etc for a fee.

The job of the content management is to automatically receive those contents, organize them and pay each party accordingly. For instance, advertiser pays RM100 for an ads, where RM50 is to be divided for service provider while another half for the company running the content management system.

and I have reason to believe that this will work and it is already working. Someday, the excitement of Google's adsense as well as that provided by Yahoo will slacken. Like it or not, the need for advertising will remain and audience is always hungry for something new to break the monotomy of boredom.

Try to take a look at similar business; ifilm which is showing good successes.

Try to watch the movie which is in a way very ingenius. This short film; "balancing point" shows that it is really possible to super-impose videos or images without much glitches. If you study it carefully, you will know that the movie director started off every scene with a stone structure. Then he got one actor to collapse it and captured every moment of the destruction. That actor is importatnt as the focal point to recontruct the reverse-engineering.

Thus, if you are going to run similar business, where the advertisers will pay for everything, there is no need to worry about zero-contents or boring-contents because end-user technology has reach maturity to a certain level.


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