SYOB - Start your own business

If you are jobless for a few months.. money is running out.. what do you do ?

If you have an ICT degree or something.. don't worry about it because MDC-TDF has a solutions. They called it SYOB lar.

But funny thing is that they still want you to pay for the 5 days course. Well, this is subjective but haven't they thought about the fact which you already have not much money left, more rather one would have to travel to CyberJaya for the course.

But, I have attended one of such course and it is fruitfull. Not only the exposure to cyber activities, contacts and events, one would really get a hang of how to secure OPM (Other People's Money) such as the government's money. In the MSC world, it is very common to get financial assistant in term of grants. There are many grants around, including the RM 1 Million grant from MATRADE for your branding purposes.

Another good thing is that if they(MDC people) like you a lot, you would be given special priviledge in term of referral service. I heard that they might also able to put you within those incubator center such as on near MMU. It is a very nice building with a garden at the middle. I am sure you will like it one.

These grants, although most of them cannot be utlized for fixed salary, but it can help with cash flows and supplementary. What really needed from you is a good business plan and intuitive for entreprenuership.

So ICT graduates, don't worry lar. You will be fine one. Like me, I am still surviving good.
1. when company got not enough money then what you can do ?
2. how do most MSC-status companies survive?


princessE said…
Good that you have a good spirit on being an entrepreneur. I saw the SYOB course and thought that charging the course will deter students from taking it up. I wished it was cheaper so that more people can take it up and create profitable business models. The venture capitalist will be getting profit when the product develop makes money in the market anyway. Perhaps you can enlighten me more.
Brandon Teoh said…

i think that everybody is just doing their job.

For instance, MDC is part of government, similar to Mimos and etc. They job is to spend money by having plans and achieving milestones.

In my opinion, nobody really care about helping people to become enterpreneur, except for the humble concept of MSC. Which is good actually.

Let's think deeply. This idea of SYOB must have been initiated by someone working for MDC. What happen if he proposed it to be free ? Then maybe nobody will attend. Or no one would even care about it.

They(MDC) do have a lot of free workshops and business events for companies and they are not worried about zero attendance because they knew that those sales-people like me would sure wanted to "snake" out of office. Somemore it is free, CEO will sure give green-light.

They actually have a nice incubation center at MMU campus, Cyberjaya. And currently, there is only one occupient. Anyway, if you are a good idea and able to prove it, I think there are many grants out there which you can benefit.

But as for whether SYOB able to help many more to become the next google. I am not sure about it.
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