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While at the MSC ICT Fair in Dewan Millenium, Kepala Batas, Penang. I had a good opportunity to visit some of the people around my booth.

Dell - Asset Recovery Service:

Among them are some feel good companies who offering exciting services to the community. The best one come from Dell Computer with its "Asset Recovery Service". It is a service which helps you with disposing unwanted computer equipments such as desktop, notebooks, servers, monitors and computer peripheral.

But they have a problem, there is no dedicated web site to handle this thing (other than IT-Sideways..), nevertheless one may contact them through the following numbers:
Malaysia: 1-800-88-0640
Singapore: 1-800-394-7419
Thailand: 1-800-006-009

So they are helping the environment, good for them. However, free transportation and cash reimbursement may be subjected to considerations. For this perhaps, has a good and bad side of it. The good part is that they are considering the goodwill of other competiting businesses which purchase unwanted circuit board from customers for a fee (if Dell does it free, then those businesses will face inevitable threat). The bad side of it is that if I am going to pay for someone to carry away my rubbish, I might as well dump it outside to feed the sun and rain.

Personally, I used to keep spoiled computer pheripheral because I felt that they could be recycled away, it would be a waste for those transistors to be dumped to the waste land. I have tried to contact some people who offered such services, but most of the time, these people never show up. Perhaps Dell could save the day.

Virtual Malaysia:
This company attracted my atttention because I too have a vision to setup a virtual tourism web portal. I approached them anxiously, hoping that they would somehow figure out a way to solve the kind of conceptual challenges i have identified. Sadly, they haven't come close.

well, perhaps the technology is not yet ready and they are evolving. However, having visited the website, I would like to congratulate them for having a huge contents (which i have no time to appreciate all) and that it must be a great challenge for them to dig new contents and maintain it.

of course, they create for themselves a content management system called C-Flex. Using it for themselves and also hoping to challenge CMS-heavy weight the Media Shoppe. If you insist to know, Media Shoppe just closed a deal with AirAsia (how jeolous we are..)

This is a web site done by a company called iNavigate S/B. It allows one to have the meye (mobile eye) whenever, wherever. Basically, this is how it work. If you have a web cam a home, by connecting it to the PC and broadband, you can see what is happening in your house through your handphone. Registration is free, RM20 for each new camera set up and RM10 monthly subscription fee. The big amount of money comes from GPRS charges (it would be great if you have 3G)

So, it is using WAP technology and you need to install a software to the computer operating the webcam. Personally, I felt that this a great solutions, except that the idea of having a PC running all the time at your house is a bit discouraging due to the following facts:
1. Hot environment spoil the PC, unless you keep the aircon operated all the time.
2. Potential lightning problem which may affects the PC and broadband router.
3. PC is too expensive to be used as complement to the webcam. We probably need a set-top device that can provide as alternative.

Innovating Vision:
Vitroxhas won many awards, and it doesn't matter anymore. The marketing manager is quite shy one, I tried to talk to her, she walked away :( The marketing assistant is more approachable.

Okay, what they are doing is great one. They developed software and hardware for vision-technology. Currently, their technologies can be applied for manufacturing inspection. For instance, if you have an assembly line which produces chocolate and you wanted to inspect the chocolate for completeness to avoid the possibility that workers might deliberately give them a bite. The software algorithm can help you with that, virtually performing inspection by "looking" at the chocolate and determine whether they have been "raped" before packaging. This is serious issue!

According to the sales engineer, currently, one system can operate up to 5 cameras and is capable of performing really fast (depending on complexity); 50 units of IC inspection per hour.

But that is not it for them, what I like about Vitrox is that they are not just focusing on selling inspection technology, their R & D work towards vision technology can be applied in other areas. And that is where the future lies for them, a good potential. Something for me to learn as well.

Air Asia:
We all know what Air Asia is doing, providing cheap air flight. They were there to propose the "8 Steps registration process" for getting an air-ticket.

Axiomatic Solutions:
This is the company I am representing, developer of C compiler which can generate Java Bytecode; AMPC.AMPC is a tool for software development. It is a home-grown product and the first of its kind commercially available in MSC. We intend to introduce AMPC to the mainstream education actitivies in Malaysia to cushion the introduction of computer programming among the schoolers. We believed such initiative would have a positive impact towards the software development competency of our future workforce down the road. This is analogous to the idea of the setup of badminton and football schools in Malaysia.

Up to date, we are liasing with smart-education enterpreneurs, universities and research institutes for our ground work. We have plans to lift it off the ground further to benefit the country as a whole.

At the same time, we are also providing the following professional services based on our knowledge in the area of compiler technologies:

· Software porting services.
· Customized programming compiler.
· Consumer device development tools’ bundling.

Personally,I see a lot of potential in this company. It is a truly computer science fundamental technologist. Like Vitrox, we can reapplied our technology to other area as well, such as learning and articifial intelligence.

Brandon Teoh

Cherry Asia Limited & Win-Tek solutions S/B:

They are providing a keyboard + smart card reader (for my card):

1. EMV approved
2. PC/SC compatible
3. Secure Pin Entry
4. Top-mount card reader.
5. USB interface, landing contact.
6. MTBF 200,000 insertions
7. OS: Win 98/ME Win2k & WinXP
8. Linux capable for G83-6702 model only.

1. Mykad registration system (MRS)
2. PKI & Digital Signature
3. e-Perolehan & e-filing.
4. e-Government & e-services.
5. e-Banking & Home Banking
6. e-Commerce & Internet Payments
7. Access Control & Data Encoding.

Wah, what it means is that Mykad is the answer for all the e-Community applications and sadly, you need a reader for it, and this is the solutions. Not bad, I am impressed. Actually IRIS Cooperation Bhd who was present at the exhibition also provides for Mykad reader.hmm.. perhaps this all will work, maybe it is time to change my keyboard.

But I am just wondering how they manage to know the architecture for myKad, which allow them to create software for it.. Should it be a public information? I also want to create application for myKad, but don't know where to get the information.

Other participants are:
1. Fujitsu - Featuring a robot which they sold to NASA - for research.
3. Media Shoppe - TMS
4. Telekom & Celcom
5. Intel - Featuring Wimax
6. Mimos
7. Streamyx reseller.

A great event indeed. Special thanks to the MDC team under Sharon Leong; a passionate visionary.


Anonymous said…
This MSC event was really an eye opener for me as it is the first time it was held in Penang. Got the opportunity to see for myself some of the IAP forums held too.

Java Bytecode? Hmm, I would be interested to know more about this.

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