Expo R & D IPTA 2005

Location at PWTC, Exhibition hall(30th September 2005 to 2nd October 2005):

When I walked into the hall, I was shocked to see the size of its activities. So many smart people out there... so many inventors.

I was so filled with jeolousy and wanted to talk to each and everyone of them to challenge my intellectual.

Thus, I start from the first booth and started introducing myself and the company I represent. Along the way, I tried to listen to their inventions and it actually gave me a lot of entertaintment.

1. Psychological Stress Sensor.
If I am not mistaken it is done by U.M researcher. It measures changes in enzyme.
This is a not-bad research because i believe that stress is the biggest catalyst of all diseases.

2. SKINPLAST for Ulcer and wound.
Regular mouth ulcer sufferer would know it, it takes average 14 days for the ulcer would to completely cure. During those time, one would suffer while eating and drinking.

Chinese would usually resort to Watermelon-extract-powder which only serves to minimize the pain. For Skinplast, thanks to research group from U.M, it can speed up the recovering process.

Some Malaysian villagers have been using for ages the bark of ZX plant to treat oral recurrent aphthous ulcerations (RAU) and skin wounds. RAU affects about 25% of the world population.

SKINPLAST made of ZX plant extract is a herbal product and is beneficial for the treatment of mouth ulcers (RAU) and skin wounds.

For this research team, they don't even have a web site for it.

3. Blanching diagnostic Kit
Blanching is a heat treatment process generally applied to fruits and vegetables prior to storage inactive the enzymes present. The major problems in blanching process are over-blanced or under-blanched.

Blanching diagnostic kit is developed for to determine the adequacy of blanching. It is a device consisting of chemical solutions. It determines the degree of blanching process with colour changes by the redox reaction in the presence of enzyme and chemical mixture. It facilitate blanching testing as a simple process where it involves only a device rather than 14 apparatus and instruments needed in the conventional procedure. In addition, 8 steps in conventional method for the tests are being reduced to 4 simple steps.

No web site.

Networking Expert:

This is Dr. Suhaidi of University Utara Malaysia. Its research group is famous for computer networking stuff, as shown in the picture, it is something about secure networking implementation. He was telling me about the ICOCI 2006 conference.

They are cautious with IP protection that there is no printer brochure to be distributed. That is why you can see that instead of doing brochure, they did a big poster for display.

Tsunami Relieve:

What you are seeing here is a Wave suppress system - with floating breakwater. It is invented by Universiti Teknologi Petronas.

In the endeavour to meet a wave-protection problem with a functional cost-effective engineering design, Wave Suppress System appears to be an ideal alternative as well as a viable solution in providing the required level of tranquility for the areas that require protection, such as recreational harbours, marinas, lagoons, inland area seas, reservoirs, lakes and rivers.

To stop Tsunami, according to Mr. Teh Hee Min, it is still a long way to go.

I thought I am the only one who thought about creating a portal and let these R & D guy upload their contents to attract investors, partners and more funding. But it seems like everything has got someone figured out already.

IPTech Exchange is according to the spokeperson, a very newly launched portal for R & D work. To find out more please check the web site.

But the problem anticipated is that only those technologies which are lousy and not in demand would be caught in the databases, popular and good ones would have already been grapped and patented around.

They are all complaining the same things...
1. Not enough funding. They haven't been able to apply for new funding for the past 3 months. But since yesterday, government just allocated RM868 millions for R & D and is sure to give them certain degree of excitement.
2. They are all having the same thought. Looking for angel to help them with the next time. They have done their job, which is to realize the idea and crytalize the inventions. whatever happen is god willing. All of them are not surprise about my proposal as partner for commercialization, collaboration and middle-man for investor. They are all open for anyone, anywhere and anytime as long as they don't have to pay anything. Typical Malaysian.. So who is the fool here ? (don't mention pls)
3. I can see, apart from some which already engaged with commercial partners, that most of the inventions are only prototype ready. There are still plenty to go and to prove. Some of them invented something and just don't know what to do next. There is this researcher from University Sabah Malaysia just sat there and have no interest to really explain to me, but he tried his best. They developed a shrimp cultivation system under biotechnology. They hope that someone like me would get over-excited about it. Anyway, I will try my best too.

My favourite invention ?
I was attracted to the "Animated Introductory Calculus" created by a research group in UPM.

Animated Introductory Calculus Educational Software and Textbook is a next-generation textbook that combines the power of multimedia technology such as Flash and couple with thoroughly developed Calculus content (means that someone has to be a mathematian who understand thoroughly everything about such topic) to provide a rich and effective learning experience.

It contains a comprehensive series of multimedia video lectures that enriches and energizes lessons, facilites whole-class teaching, motivates students, enabled teachers to be more creative, promotes enthusiam for learning, improves understanding, leads to higher levels of retention, raises achievement and is more interesting than traditional lectures.

I totally agreed. I wish them all the best.

I didn't manage to talk to everyone but at least I visited 80% of the exhibitions. All of them are very intelligent and friendly people. Although some seems layback, it is becoz of their character of a non-outspoken type. It is blessing to have most of them to be Malaysian. To get a summary of the exhibitors, please download this file.

I was a bit dissappointed because there is nothing much I go do about Biotech with my IT skills. It seems like they are very much more chemical-engineering driven than IT-driven.


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