USD 2k per day from adsense?

This is not a great blog yet.. but it is showing tremendous improvement over the past months..

For some reason, my English improved after writting so many articles and blogs and documents over the years. In fact, I started to experience some discomfort in my finger; I had to stop typing when it happened.

Currently, this blog captured around average of 25 visits per day. The best part of this is that it doesn't have hardcore fan, I could only think of a few people who might visit this blog every now and then. Most of the traffic are coming from the Internet via Yahoo, Google and MSN.

No.3 in MSN:
This blog proudest moment is now where search under "tech blog" landed with No. 3 ranking. It has even beaten ZDNet - Tech blog.

Thanks to home-made SEO:
My tips for you guys for doing SEO.
1. The very first thing you needed to do is to have the 3 major search engine indexed your URL.
To achieve this, you need to inject your URL into some web site(URL) which is frequented by spiders of these search engines. One of them is this blog!

To do that, either you request the owner to put your URL as a link to its web site (known as incoming link) or you wallop them with commentaries(Please provide meaningful commentaries only). Oh ya, I used to resort to the latter approach and that is how I got to this stage now. Now fate has changed and I was walloped with other people's commentaries. Example:

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Many blogger claimed that this is spam comment, and in fact it is. But I decided to not delete them away, as long as they don't provide bad-mouth language; just to give them a break.

2. Once you got indexed, you need to make sure that your meta tag is appropriate. Perhaps, you can just copy and paste my meta-tag and change it to suit your need. (In fact, I copied from someone else)

Got to the source of this blog to check out the meta...

3. One you had your meta-tag right, the next thing is to make sure that your content is right. This is very subjective. Different search engine have different rules for deciding content accuracy. If your meta tag is describing something about technology, make sure your content matches it, otherwise you would be ignored.

4. Finally, try to improve your pageRank by making more incoming links to your URL. You may do this via the following:
- Request permission from other web sites.
- Legal/illegal injection of URL into blog or forums by providing commentaries. (If you notice, Daniweb-forum has enforce a no-go for this by filtering off URL-reference from its forum)
- Add your URL into aggregator/repository/directory.

Aggregator: (What I know is)
1. Blogarama
2. PPS

1. High rank web director

Make some Money:
The next thing I wanted to explore is to make some money. The following web site seems to suggest something feasible, which I would like to find out more about it.
1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Make money fast (at least it shows some screen shot as prove)
3. Claim to make USD 2K per day from adsense. I hope that this is real.
4. BloggerBusiness

In fact thejasoncalacanisweblog admitted that you have to include the advertisement inside the content's container.

One needs to write good contents and specific contents. IT-Sideways Tech Blog focuses on fact analysis towards ICT happenings and news in Malaysia. This is healthy environment for analysis and highlights. In fact, I am always helping companies to perform free marketing and promotion, one of them is Redtone.


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Hmm, I don't think meta tags are going to all that helpful in the future. If you visited my latest post on Search Engine Ranking Factors that was originally written by SEOMoz, you'd understand why. :)

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