Exports funding for companies

Pikom recently organized a Budget 2006 Forum talk.

It all seems like just a networking session, but actually the event was organized with a good intention.

See, not long ago, the government of Malaysia announced the budget for 2006. Where RM 868 milllion was allocated for the ministry of science and technology. But the announcement wasn't a blueprint like the Korea IT-839 where details of allocations are being stated clearly. Thus, ICT enterpreneurs are left to guess for surprises.

To force "donation", Pikom actually suggested that they will proceed with a proposal for the creation of a specialmarketing fund, about RM100 million, to be jointly managed by MultimediaDevelopment Corporation and Pikom to spearhead the promotion of ICTproducts and services abroad.

This proposal, in my opinion is good because it will force legistrators to decide what to do with the RM 868 million and by making it public, legistrators have no choice but to at least consider such proposal.

Besides Pikom's proposal, there is also another grant for export purposes which is not restricted to ICT companies. This fund is known as Matrade's Brand Promotion Grant (BPG) under the administration of Ministry of Trade and Finance.

Coming up next is probably the excitement about MyICMS-886 strategy (by MCMC), blueprint to drive the ICT industry to the next level with focus on infrastructures and telecommunications technologies.

It includes the introduction of the eight (8) new services catalyses and promotes the development of eight (8) essential infrastructures - both hard and soft. These new services and infrastructures will aimed at generating growth in six (6) areas that have been identified as key for the consumers and businesses in Malaysia.

With this strategy, expected to be announced by December, companies (especially those struggling to survive), may want to decide (based on the strategy) the directions for the coming years because what going to be stated in the strategy is going to gain attentions not just from the government but also from the end-user (due to media influences). This would eventually creates a bi-direction synergy where the both ends are ready to make impact together. The ends are referring to supply and demand.

To elaborate this further, if the strategy thinks that everybody should own at least a blog, then blogging will move up staircase to the next level in this country because those not paying attention to blogging will start to do so eventually.


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