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The vision = 不断创新,携手同行 (Hand in Hand, we strive Borderless Innovation)

Shut-Down by Government:
WA! FM (a radio station) was apparently shut down by the government .. what could be the reason other than politics ?

I haven't been paying much attention to it actually. Perhaps let's check it out from political bloggers

Jeff Ooi (Screen Shots) = Didn't blog about it.
MageP's Lab = Didn't state the reason.
Brand Malaysia = Didn't blog about it.

Oh... then I thought about it... haha.. i know the reason lar. Probably Jeff Ooi and Brand Malaysia (Mack Zulkifi) don't speak and listen to mandarin lar..

oh..okay okay, let's check politic heavy weight Lim Kit Siang's Blog..

Also didn't state the reason...

Aiya.. I give up now. Waiting for comment. But let's take it that the DeeJay could have said something and then you know..

Restart like Microsoft Windows:
Shut down by the government, a few brave people restarted the program like one does with Windows Operating System.

Instead of broadcasting the programme over the air, now it is over the wire. WA Online.

Well of course, you need to have the Internet to listen to the programme now.

WA Online was actually introduced to me by my friend; Mr. Joe Kan (Netpreneur) and owner of Global Infornet (who provide hosting for WA Online).

Of course, he showed me the URL over MSN and I clicked on it.

The first thing that caught my attention (as a technical person) wasn't the flash interface, it was the audio streaming capability.

If you notice, the online radio which provides live audio (means that some dee jay actually talks real time at some undisclosed location) was launched with a small window.

The first thing that caught my mind was "Javascript" keh ? not only the make the window small but also they try to keep people like me from retrieving the HTML source.

Then, my second thought was that "how can Javascript provides such streaming capability?", okay, so it must be some sort of client-server thingy lar. Could it be VOIP client server system, where the small window is actually an Java Applet. This is possible you know, since the audio is only single direction.

The actual answer is in fact, well of course it is client server, and more accurately, they are using Microsoft Windows Media Player. You will get the hint by looking at the "Technical Help" page. This means that if you are using a PC or Laptop using Linux (without Windows Media Player), you probably can't listen to the radio.

Okay, great, still never in my I.T life i have done anything like that.

Then, another sifu actually crack my mystery... The codes for the online radio is actually..

<object ID="mediaplayer" CLASSID="clsid:6BF52A52-394A-11D3-B153-00C04F79FAA6" width="0" height="0"><param name="uiMode" value="invisible"></param><param NAME="URL" VALUE="mms://radio.waonline.com.my/waonline"></param></object>

Notice that the live programme is being streamed now ?

I don't know how he did it, probably using linux to view the codes inside the small window.

But hey guys, using this method, listeners can't actually record their favourite songs illegally right. Oh right then, perhaps I should try to crack it later. Now not free ler.

The Ultimate Freedom:
Anyhow, WA Online is one good example where it demonstrates that:

1. Internet still has the ultimate freedom. (Which is good thing)
2. Internet shouldn't be censored because good information might risk being censored away too. How can we justify that ?
3. If there is no one support you in this world, your last option is the Internet. For instance, if you created something and no investors like to help you, you can setup a web site and try to sell it there. It might work ya.
4. The Internet model is quite affordable.

WA Online - What is Next:
So, they are probably supported by gung-ho dee-jay working on volunteer basis.. The web site is selling T-Shirts and CDs, looking for donations and advertisement.

But I am just wondering is the lukewarm responses attributed to political issues ? (We will wait for the politic bloggers to comment on this..)

3G's Driver:
WA Online could just become the first killer application for our country's 3G initiatives by Maxis and Celcom.

Think about it, it can be the anchor for many other applications. The web site can be a portal for 3G since I would be glad to login into a site which provides some nice music to set my mood before continue with checking my emails and etc.

Thus, they should also try to figure out a WAP interface for it.

More Interactive:
The web site is not really that high-tech yet, perhaps they are working on it.

They are receiving inputs and interactions via email and messages. Perhaps, some companies who are interested to sponsor some high-tech client server technology can step in and offer them bidirectional web based audion communcation systems on a profit sharing model. Anyone ?

Let's focus on innovations!


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