What is SAP?

I used to think that SAP stands for System Application Platform.

But, according to Damien Poh, sales manager of Genovate.

  • The name SAP is acronym for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP is an extremely complicated system where no one individual can understand all of it.
  • SAP runs on a fourth generation programming language language called Advance Business Application Programming (ABAP). It have many of the features of other modern programming languages such as the familiar C, Visual Basic, and Power Builder. Your programs name conventions begins with a letter yxxx or zxxx.
  • SAP graphical user interfaces (SAPGUI) runs on Windows / NT / Unix / AS400. When you are using 3.x you can used the SAPGUI 4.x, there are no conflicts as the SAPGUI is basically a front end tools.
  • If you create dialog screen, remembers to tick Development Tools (utility programs for the Screen Painter) when you are installing SAPGUI 4.x.
  • In SAPGUI 4.x, you can configure whether to use the present 3.x screen design or the New 4.x Visual design (which is very graphical and computer resource hungry).
    Disable the login image to reduce the memory usage. In transaction SM30, table SSM_CUST, create a new entries with Name HIDE_START_IMAGE and Value to be set YES.
  • SAP have move towards the Windows Explorer Screen Format (all the Menu on the left of your screen).
  • SAP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software product capable of integrating multiple business applications, with each application representing a specific business area. These applications update and process transactions in real time mode. It has the ability to be configured to meets the needs of the business.
  • SAP are categorized into 3 core functional areas:
    • Logistics

      • Sales and Distribution (SD)

      • Material Management (MM)

      • Warehouse Management (WM)

      • Production Planning (PP)

      • General Logistics (LO)

      • Quality Management (QM)

    • Financial

      • Financial Accounting (FI)

      • Controlling (CO)

      • Enterprise Controlling (EC)

      • Investment Management (IM)

      • Treasury (TR)

    • Human Resources

      • Personnel Administration (PA)

      • Personnel Development (PD)


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