The beauty of computer animation

After his death for almost 28 years, people still won't let him go. Bruce Lee is as alive as possible with statues driven up to honour him and flash animation; yes animation.

According to Richard Verrier of LAT-WP, the talent pool for animation talents which are spurred by the commercial success of such hits as Shrek and Finding Nemo. This creates the biggest production bonanza in the decades.

According to, there are currently 700 jobs posted on its website.

25 animated films are scheduled for release by the end of 2007.

Hollywood studios have largely abandoned hand-drawn animation, instead pouring millions into developing new computer-animated features.

Personally, I can justify for the investment. Technologies would be created and in the long run it will be good for the production house because as skills and best practices being build up, the cost would get smaller due to shorter period of production. I think this is the whole reason for the continuation of the animation industry; profitability can be projected and calculated.

Comparing to conventional films where actors' salary were a headache, materials cannot be reused and every film ended with a full stop. Whereas in computer animation, many pieces can be reused and altered. The biggest recycle benefits is skills.

This madness also brought to life online animation schools such as This is particulary interesting I feel that personal marketing is starting to take effect on the way businesses buy things. Online is the only way which complete personal freedom can be demonstrated in an learning environment, particularly the mentor don't have to know who are the students.

Yahoo! Inc was recently chosen by Six Apart Ltd; creator of Movable Type (a weblog software) to be the preferred sales channel for small business. This is partly because Yahoo connects to thousands of consumer daily. and with the personal-marketing effect which I am suggesting where potentially in the future, a business entity decision to buy software would be decided by majority votes of its employees' preferences over their favourite software. Small businesses are basically personal-driven, most of the time, they have less than five employees in the company (according to Malaysian market survey) and thus individual association towards certain technology is something to note.