A blogger 2005 Summary

This blog was started roughly around August 22, 2004 with the intention of sharing information and providing insights. Check out my blog about why IT-Sideways tech blog?

To date, this tech blog has accumulated 206 blogs in total within a duration of 1 year and 3 months.

Google Adsense:
Google Adsense started to take effects since July 2005.

July 2005 = $0.57
Aug 2005 = $1.22
Sept 2005 = $0.83
Oct 2005 = $ 5.53
Nov 2005 = $ 2.40

The highest earning was recorded at month of December 2005.

Page Impressions = 2,652
Clicks = 92
Page CTR= 3.5%
Page eCPM[?]= $3.83

In total, I have earned USD 20.72 (RM 78.74) from Google.

1. How much can you earn through Google Adsense?
2. Effective CPM ?
3. All about money...

Based on these articles..
USD 10.17 = 2,652/1000(per 1k impression) x 3.83

This is only based on Per-Impression, how about those that is based on Per-Click ?

Anyone have better idea ?

Actually the answer lies in this page.. croaching tiger, hidden dragon style.
It states...

The Google ads you are able to display on your content pages can be either cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-1000-impressions (CPM) ads, while AdSense for search results pages show exclusively CPC ads. This means that advertisers pay either when users click on ads, or when the advertiser's ad is shown on your site.

What it means is that Google Adsense publisher will not be able to enjoy pay per click revenue. Because ads for that context will only appear from the search results pages.

Many advertisers don't have the time to research the policy like I did. They should just read this blog.

How did I get here ?

Now let's see how do this blog ever got to generate this earning (even though it is not a big deal).

May, 14 2005 was the day which this blog is numbered and it's still doing. I added a site-counter to figure out the "back-end" of this blog.

Thus, based on average, this blog hit 89 x 30=2670 visitors for December 2005. Otherwise we may take 626 x 4=2504 visitors for December 2006. And thus, we shall conclude that it takes around 2500 visitors to have generated an Adsense revenue of USD 10.17, which is equivalent to RM 38.65. However, since Google will only liquidate only when one reaches USD100 (RM 380), thus to earn that minimum paycheck monthly, I will have to hook up around 10 times more of current traffic and efforts. Which is 10 x 2500 = 25 K visitors per month. Wow, this is pretty tie-up really.

As you can see, the highest traffic for a day peaked at > 130 visitors per day. What a record for this tech blog, really. Weekends result lower traffic, while same goes for holiday period.

I have to admit, the reason for this sudden windfall is crystal clear, it is due to this blog which I wrote during 16 December 2005; White House Google Failure. This is the one blog which drives me to the next level (I speak for myself) and really taught me about how curiousity can bring luck. Anyway, this is the spirit which a blogger requires.

Of my other popular blogs are:

1. Product Key Failed Validation
2. WA Online
3. The Death of Credit Card
4. USD 2K per day from Adsense
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6. Redtone: Mobile Money
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8. 3G is coming for real.
9. The published Secret of Google
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11. Hotmail login difficulty

However, I still think that the followings are good blogs too (but not so popular amongst viewers):

1. Why Java Based Microprocessor? (My favourite)
2. Mobile Money Demsytified
3. Korea IT-839 Strategies
4. What is Podcast to me ?
5. IBM Quest for A.I
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8. Why Software ?

Let's take a peek at recent's referrals...

Thus, 6/20 = 30% are coming from Google's Blog while 7/20=35% are coming from the blog about Windows XP update problem. So, this shows that many people are using pirated Windows O.S

Now, let's find out who are our beloved visitors?

Out of recent 100 visitors, early birds are coming from the USA, as 31st December 2005 approaches, its number gets smaller to be overtook by Malaysian. 28% of visitors come from Malaysia while 24% from USA. The rest are of U.K and etc.

American treat new year celebration as something important compared to Malaysian. I know why, it is because they get to make out during new year eve. Malaysian don't usually kiss in the public : O

The way foward?

Thus, if you wanted to earn RM 2k per month, you will have to: 2 k/3.8 = USD 526. This would be 5+ times of USD 100(the minimum amount requirement for Google to send you a cheque for adsense revenue) and thus I would need this much of visitors monthly:

5 x 10 x 2500 = 125 k visitors, which might be impossible (for one-man-show).

Thus far, I only know of one blog which might be able to earn USD 100 + monthly from Google Adsense; the Liewcf blog. This blog is generating 20 K visitors per week, that would be 80 K visitor per month. Thus, on the average, he would earn USD 300 + monthly; equivalent to RM 1140 +. Wow, tat is good money for a blogger ya.

Google's blog generated 4.3 million unique visitors and 8.7 million pageviews in just 6 months. Anyone has the figure for boing boing blog ?

To determine if Google Adsense is being transparent, perhaps LiewCf can comment something here ?

Happy new year 2006 to everybody.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Also, I like to express my gratitude towards the few people who have linked this blog to their blogs.

  1. Selamber.com
  2. mental jog
  3. Syiok's Blog
  4. 'Mobile Talk' from an Employee in a Telco
  5. blog.jiboneus
  6. Blogging My Way
  7. Tan's Family & associates
  8. Liewcf Blog
  9. Blogshares
  10. Malaysia Political Blog
  11. Google's Blog
Without these blogs, this blog will not go this far.

Last but not least, Happy Google Blog 2006.


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you are allowed to reveal adsense total earning. Please remove the screenshot before Google found out.
Isn't it against Google terms to reveal how much you earn? Take it out ;)
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c'mon guys, what kind of content you what to read ?

Google's adsense case study
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