China has 200 million mobile users

China has 200 million pre-paid mobile phone users. Its government is hard on the thumb to make it mandatory for pre-paid mobile phone users to get themselves registered. Such move is seen as solution to curb illegal activities from the mobile platform. Of course, to a country like China, this is very important indeed.

At the local front, Malaysian government is also exercising similar enforcement. A deadline which is by the end of March 2006, for all telcos to get all its prepaid phone user to submit their personal details. The telcos said they are making the registration process as painless as possible for subscribers but those who do not register will have their service stopped. - Jo Timbuong (The Star In.Tech 22 Dec 2005)

On the other hand, telcos are also providing incentives to customers.

Thailand also introduced such compulsory act not long ago, an attempt to curb illegal bombings. Comparing to Malaysia, we have been bomb with less serious explosion like "chinese woman being forced to strip naked". Thus, when everybody are registered, the case can be solved immediately.


Anonymous said…
Wow we got a deadline on that? how is the telcos going to make their prepaid users do that? This is also another way for our goverment to track us
Brandon Teoh said…
Don't know.. I think they will put a press statement and issue warning for interruption to the service.

Yeah, actually this is not pre-paid anymore.
Anonymous said…
Hahaha, look at it from another point of view that, too many are using prepaid to perform damaging acts.
Anonymous said…
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