Companies need to innnovate their business to survive and thrive

Financial journalists are constantly exposed to companies offering various products and services. They talked to them everyday in order to understand their businesses. One prevailing question in their mind is can this business model work?

Ng Kar Yean concluded that "innovation" should not just be used by CEOs to make their speeches sound impressive. The innovation must be tangible for all to see.

There are many examples of companies using innovation to gain market share. One such example is the demise of standalone cinemas, after cineplexes emerged showing various movies simultaneously in digital surround sound.

Most chinese restaurant owners don't reinvest their profit. That's is why their restaurants remain the same for years - Ng Kar Yean (The Edge Malaysia, December 12, 2005)

Business Locations?

Thus, why not innovate more by getting businesses to be indexed in the telecommunication and Internet medium.

MPAGES is a mobile yellow pages, its vision is to provide co-existence of businesses in the real and virtual world; via mobile and Internet platform.

Businesses chose to register to the system enjoy the following benefits:
1. Having your business searched by mobile phone users.
2. Benefiting from a virtual web page which offers simple features and being searched by Internet users.
3. Become part of the inter-linked network which maximizes searchability from the major Internet search engines.

Take for instance, EH Motor Credit S/B don't really require a full fledge, however, right now it is enjoying a directory service with both mobile and Internet front.

What are you still waiting for, innovate your business again and again and again.

Still not convince, check out how Google handles egalitarianism of information dispersal via its searching technology; Google Print which was created aiming to expedite book searching by helping books publishers and authors to recoup 60% of marketing opportunity and backlist titles being able to gain a "eternal youth" miracle.


Anonymous said…
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