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Just recently, I received a comment-bomb from Roberto Iza.. its comment to my blog "Telextreme" reads...

Roberto Iza, My-Juno, wishes you avery merry Christmas!

My name is Roberto Iza Valdés. I was born in Cuba and raised in the U.S.A. I have been trading on eBay since January, 2001, earning a 100% positive feedback score with over 9700 transactions. I collect Spanish documents which refer to the Island of Cuba in the colonial period.

My other great passion is the Canary Islands (and Canary Islanders:)On eBay, I will occasionally list ephemera from my own collections and accumulations that I would not be able to continue to preserve and curate properly, and I would not otherwise beable to fully share with other collectors.

eBay id is EXCMO. The link to My-Juno is http://roberto-iza-valdes.com. I am a memberof Square Trade.

Thus, this is how he does marketing for his own brand "EXCMO" with respect to eBay.

I tried to search for "EXCMO" and "ephemera" from Google and did NOT see relevant results linking back to Roberto; at least from the first page of the result.

Would Ebay Allow?
Indeed, searchability is the biggest issue in Internet. One of the biggest reason some get posted online is to be able to search for.

Do we still remember the movie Terminator 3 where John Connor is practically unplugged from this world. He bears no ID, credit card and of course, he didn't attempt to comment on any blog in this world. Thus, his strategy is smart, if you have numbers (ID), changes of being searched and traced is higher than zero per se.

But does Ebay allow for such external forces benefits its patrons or members. Ebay could, by policies, prohibit such facilities by stopping searching engine spiders from crawling its domains up to certain extend.

I think eBay has many reason to not allow this type of so called Internet-parking. Politically, EXCMO can only be searched from the web site of eBay itself; otherwise the latter would have to incurr additional charges for the former.


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