Google Buys China

Under normal circumstances, whenever Google couldn't find matching advertisement for your content, it would resort to "Public Service Ads" such as those of "fund donations for Hurricane Katrina.

Google's advertisement in Chinese language is actually promoting the use of Google as encycopedia. This is probably because there isn't enough publisher which provides Chinese language contents as that comparing to English contents.

China is a tough place for netpreneur:
China is famous for banning websites. Recently, it is rumoured that Wikipedia has been blocked again.

It is trying to educate its people in a smart way; stay away from inaccurate data. Much ado is attributed to the fact that third parties like to create rhetorical news which have a lot of hype but no essense to offer. One of such example is seen from Japan's strategy to rewrite the history which not only aims to promote healthy attitude amongst Japan younger generation, also it has the potential of steering China into a direction which its younger generation will not remember the root.

It is this good or bad ?

Google-Baidu Relationship:
With China's headstrong stance on unsolicited publisher... Google is having tough time to gain a stable ground in China.

Google is reported to have invested 10 million in Baidu; China's search engine provider which is listed in Nasdaq, USA.

My Bet:
Google is not only facing pressure from China but also homeland USA because of human rights sentiment. Take for example, the news that Google's encroachment into other businesses, including the large advertising agencies, drove Google shares down 4.7% recently, its biggest percentage loss in a year.

This is the reason why it is implementing contents filtering and probably caused them to take off the "Video" searching function. Up to date, only Yahoo! Inc is maintaining the video searching capability.

For them to foray into a new market with political barriers would be resource consuming. Thus, to capture market capitalization, it is better to perform through partnerships.


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