Google's 2005 digest

With year 2005 approaching the end, we thank mother nature for another fine journey with respect to most people in this planet.

Conclusion from Google's Zeitgeist - Google's summary for 2005.

1. Internet news for leisure out-grows business usage.

2. What the whole world is thinking everyday ?

3. When people want to buy mobile devices, they research online, period.
We can't prove that they actually purchase anything online per se. And Apple computer is then obvious winner for its iPod innovation.

4. The most in-demand searchers in term of Google's PageRank

Myspace - leisure, social
Ares - File sharing software
Baidu - Chinese search engine.
wikipedia - online encycopedia using WIKI technology.
orkut - leisure, social
Sky News - cable TV service
World of warcraft - Games
Green Day - Entertaintment
Learnordo Da Vinci - History

Thus, average American have high priority to socializing, and like to learn new things. History is also something which is important to them. In their free time, they opt for entertaintment like games, TV and have no problem with file sharing. They are concern about the rise of China.

Suprisingly, Malaysian preferred Friendster. I have never heard of Myspace and Orkut.

Producing this report, Google positions itself as an alternative intelligence source rather than directory. This is particular visible from its report about "World Affairs", "Nature", "Movies", "Celebrities", "Phenomena"; where it gives a whole year analysis of the rise and fall of events by hinting the logic behind the scenes.


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