A great way to get indexed with google

Just yesterday, I wrote a blog about "white house failure google" which talks about the problem of the word "failure" being associated with The White House of USA.

Along with my interpretation, I also included a link to the real answer; Google's feedback about the problem.

To my great surprise, that blog entry brought tremendous amount of traffic to my blog. It should be the highest for me currently (yes i know, it is still low).

As you may notice, it recorded the highest for the month; > 60 hits per day.

And why so ?
By evaluating the referral for my site, it shows the following:

It shows that they are coming from the same link which I provided for the Google's answer for the "failure" issue.

This thing is this, somehow, Google is able to detect incoming link to its blog and create an external link to them as well dynamically.

It is very efficient and intelligent because it is real time.

This example shows that one way to get indexed to Google's search list is to keep linking back to its blog. However, the only problem is that it is non-static. The list keeps appending downward !


David Burdon said…
Hi there.
My name is David Burdon. I have a blog at http://uksearch.blogspot.com .I saw your post regarding "great way to get indexed with Google".

I've also noticed the impact. But I don't think we should shout about it. It could be considered spammimg if you just posted to get Google to index your site or improve your rankings.
Brandon Teoh said…
David.. thanks for your comment..

well, even though I agree with you. I still feel that I want to share it around for those who wants to pay attention. Otherwise, there is no reason to read our blog.

We can still earn money once we acquired the right skills - on those who don't care to pay attention.

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