how to make Adsense effective ? # 2

This blog is still not earning big enough, in fact like my previous blog said, it is nothing.

But I checked through the history of my account from Google Adsense and found the following:

My highest earning was recorded on the month of October 2005 with $ 5.53. Thus, if you look at my October 2005 archive, you may see that the most significant contents are:

1. The death of credit card (207 comments)
2. USD 2k per day from Adsense (63 comments)

This implies that to be effective, we have to pragmatic with the contents. "Credit Cards" and "Adsense" are probably hot-searches of many.

On the other hand, if we study the case studies provided by Google, one would find that the following are popular contents for Adsense income generation:

1. Health and Medical
2. Pharmaceutical
3. Vacations
4. Educations
5. Internet.
6. Home improvements

Thus blog like IT-Sideways is having hard time to earn money because the contents is not focused and hence didn't manage to fetch a lot of traffic.

I should venture into a few specialized blogs after knowing all these theories.