is Education a Failure in Malaysia ?

Star In.Tech - 15 December 2005 (Thursday)

Title: "Levy on CD-Rs would be unfair, say consumers."

Brief Summary:
1. Music Council of Malaysia (MMM) will impose a levy on CD-Rs, which can be used by consumers to copy music CDS.
2. Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal said it may be better if something could be done to control the distribution of CD burners, rather than imposing a levy on blank CD-Rs.
3. Two out of three CD-Rs sold in the country are used for copying audio-visual material.
4. Darshan Singh, National Consumer Complaints Committee chairman, said the MMM proposal is unfair to consumers.
5. Software developer, Thomas Yip, said the music industry's call is absurb because the MMM does not know how extensive such "home recordings" of music pieces onto CD-Rs are.

My thoughts:
Why can't we do the right thing ? Shouldn't we let education to solve this type of problems ?

Even though the Music Council of Malaysia (MMM) and Domestic Trade and Consumer Ministry understood that Malaysian by large are still pretty much naive and shallow minded; and instead of doing something to fix the minds, they proposed some rhetoric and small-brainer strategy. This is not the first time, it has been many times. Whenever an issue is brought up, a red tape will be drafted and eventually got overturned again.

Alamak, let's grow up. Let's get to the bottom line. Fix the brain of our people.

1. Create awareness, successful campaigns and etc.
2. Publish statistics
3. Let people understand the whole scenario.
4. Influence people to grow up and think for long term.

We have to grow the mindset of the society if we are talking about moving towards vision 2020.

The americans can differentiate that "breasts not bombs"; a campaign to protest against IRAQ war. And I respect that. Nudity is not as dirty as war; politicaly jeolousy and racism.

Most Malaysian only view nudity as "HAM SAP" per se!

If the fans really love "Siti Nurhaliza" so much, they should buy original. So, actually do they love piracy or Siti ? I think they (We) are confused most of the times. We have money to spend on petrol for traffic jam but not enough money to buy original CDs.

Of cousre, MMM and the ministry must comply to political pressure. However this is more like lip-service than knee-jerk reaction. Does all these means that politician has no hope on education ? Does all these means that our politicians bear no hope on education?

SKThew, Lim Kit Siang, Jeff Ooi; any comments?