Learning from other business strategies

We have seen many business collaborations, these are apparent in the headlines especially amongst big corporations. For instance, Microsoft collaborate with SAP, SAP with Java and etc.

Is business collaboration an act of business needs or side-effect of Eutopian?

Business Needs?
NEC seeks strategic ties in cellphones and Chips .. where NEC is expected to collaborate with competitors like Toshiba and Sony corp for tie-ups in development and marketing, to offset hefty development cost and improve time-to-market efficiency.

Samsung is constantly looking for new technology partners. For instance, Samsung don't just work with Microsoft for its Windows CE.NET, it also uses Symbian OS for some products. Perhaps, there is a business case for this(to determine best practices), or perhaps it is just due to human politics.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the world's third-largest maker of handsets, will team up with Qualcomm Inc.'s modem chips to supply handsets to U.K market via Vodafone Group Plc, Samsung said on Wednesday. The core competency of Qualcomm Inc is provision of HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packat Access); which is the most popular 3G mobile standard.

Why wouldn't Samsung team-up with Telekom R & D whom has also produced many wireless technologies.

Perhaps, like Eutopian suggested, when men get a better life, they expect better things to come along. In other words, we are constantly redefining ourselves, looking for a better society-positioning in this human platform; the planet earth.

Eutopian is real

Julius Ceasar

Eutopian is more real than you think it is and there is no solution for it. From my personal experiences, I realized this while registering for user login to certain web sites. Due to the nature that the password which I used is common for many logins (email, PC, weblog and etc), thus it would be a disaster for me if someone manage to figure it out; that all my logins would be exposed. Thus, whenever I encounted web sites doesn't look too professional for me, I wouldn't provide my master password, and I would just do away with dummy one like "abc123". This is due to the fact that I assume those unprofessional web sites don't maintain encryption policy for its databases.

Another example can be witnessed from a sharing by my brother about how passive communication may bring trouble to your career. All these, by all virtues, are man-made.

Shouldn't the smaller ICT players in the Malaysia market also do similar things? - Collaborate among each other to fight for a bigger cause since big boys have big cost while smaller boys have smaller big cost.


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