Malaysia SME facts

SME is a big business. The government of Malaysia just announced a great blueprint for SME development.

Is this a spin-off from the budget 2006 announced two months back ?

But anyway, SME is a big business because it in Malaysia there are a total of 349,617 registered SME and many more non registered. If only each one of them pay you RM 1 per month, you would be a milionaire in 3 months.

So, Malaysian government has allocated a total of RM 3.8 billion for this purposes where it relates to ICT sector in the followings:

1. Helping SME to adopt technologies. This is going to give previous incentives a big boost.
2. RM 300 million for pre-seed funding.

So, hey great. Estimated around 300 companies would be getting some funding for business in the very near future.

But after this annoucement, where is it going to lead up to ? Do we have to wait again.

And why the budget 2006 coverage from The Star has be taken down ?

I also have no comment lar ..

SKThew, Lit Kit Siang, Jeff Ooi .. any comments ?

The key to success in conquering the SME world is not via incentives. We have to take their heart where it matters most; where it trusted most.

What I mean by this is that Internet based solution is going to be the winner to this madness. Broadband adoption, laptop sales and Internet applications deployment will witness tremendous increase in volume for the near future.

To do the marketing well, we have to make ourself available to the search engine.


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